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  1. The ability to earn money attract people to cryptocurrency. People use cryptocurrency because it allows to earn money. That is why cryptocurrency is so popular now.
  2. NFT are sold for a big price and such big price attracts a lot of attention. But nobody knows from what depends the price of NFT and how to determine it.
  3. That is why cryptocurrency is so popular now. A lot of people see how other people earn money and want to earn money too on the raise of the market. So they invest money in cryptocurrency and create demand in cryptocurrency. That is why cryptocurrency market raise.
  4. Большинство людей не хотят заморачиваться с биржами, проходить верификацию. К тому же много людей не торгует, а биржи все-таки созданы больше для профессиональной торговли а не для обмена. По этой причине обменники сейчас так популярны и столько людей их использует в работе.
  5. I think that 99.9% use this monitoring because it is very popular and comfortable for work. So I think that listing on bestchange is very important for development of every project. But it is necessary to start with something.
  6. Games very popular now. Many developers now create NFT games because they are very popular and attract attention of users.
  7. Now there are so many different NFT collections. Price of NFT continue to grow and many people buy NFTs and waiting for their future growth.
  8. Now cryptocurrency market raise and many people buy crypto assets hoping for the future price growth. Raise of the market attracts many people.
  9. I agree that it is important to check how the game will look like, how to play it. Lets wait and we will see this game.
  10. Just some news from the website Everyone, our NFT Staking Ranking Round will officially kick off on Dec 11th! Come and check out how to earn your favourite Ancient Spirits home. Here is a link to the article about staking conditions
  11. It take time to check all information but many people do not do this. Some time they do not know how to check. But very often people do not check the information because they think that it is not important to check all the information.
  12. I asked this question to the team. Here is the answer: OUR PLAYABLE GAME DEMO WILL BE OUT ON THE 17TH DECEMBER
  13. May in future will appear new abilities that will allow to farm a coin. But very often to farm a coin it is necessary to invest in game and buy some NFT.
  14. It is necessary to check all the information about team too, because there are a lot of fake information about team too.
  15. Many people call themselves traders but do not understands the risk especially whey market falls and they want to earn more. They do not think about risks.
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