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  1. I won't give up of using crpyto since I trust it a lot and I believe we can all profit and be part of the future. Just check Binance offering cards right now which we can use as we hold.
  2. Crypto is decentralized and free to use. Banks can close yourt account, rob you, take orders from govs to track or block your funds or anything like this. Its terrible.
  3. It will only fail until possibly the 6000 area and then go back to the 7k maybe and even grow mroe if they wfind support and can break the resistence.
  4. There are no issues. Maybe the spammers and users that abuse, but overall the forum and the exchange are great and work and play well.
  5. What do you even mean with buying or selling encryption? Thats really not something that its possible and its not required as encryption is a technology..
  6. The easiest way is to just use this forum and their pay per post since we do not require a lot of merits like in bitcointalk which are super hard to get.
  7. Many places and countries are starting to use blockchain technology in their lives or the government areas, like a blockchain to keep registers of people or something like this. But to launch a currency, I think its hard.
  8. A lot do but they only know the name and the functionality and don't really know how it works or how to use it, so a influence is needed in the world.
  9. Many people still buy as we can trade to earn money and there is never a time to stop doing that. Also, who knows when its the highest price? People keep buying and selling anytime.
  10. I believe you can not do that directly from yobit. You can take ltc or btc or eth and then sell for USD or a fiat money and withdrawal to your bank there.
  11. My favorite trading app is the zTrader which allows me to use many exchanges including Yobit to buy and sell in the phone and its great.
  12. Because they are a waste of time and usually there is a lot of scams that make something like a big minimum and ban people.
  13. The blockchain wallet which was blockchain.com and now its .info has been hacked before but the hacker was good and gave them the money back.
  14. Not directly but many extensions already allow tipping through youtube and can be used to keep users there and earn some money with it.
  15. We can buy gift cards with credit card and then use them as p2p trades to sell for btc or other crypto. I have done with amazon cards.
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