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  1. I also choose bitcoin because bi think it is the best and most powerful Cryptocurrency at the moment and it gives more profit than other coins
  2. Good and I think another reason why bitcoin is expensive than other coins is due to high Market value and popularity in the universe today
  3. I think the lightening will also make transactions faster than before and bitcoin fees in many exchangers will drop a bit
  4. Holding up to bitcoin in your wallet is the best option for now because I have seen the price rise higher in the future hopefully $15,000 before the year comes to an end
  5. The earlier the better for you to make decisions, you cannot make prediction in the Cryptocurrency community because everything can change at any time
  6. The transaction fees for bitcoin increase in most exchangers when the value of bitcoin rise in the market and today the fees for bitcoin transaction Is 0.0012 in yobit
  7. We have to be very careful with the type of person we trust in the Cryptocurrency world today because we have scammers and hackers among us and they can strike at any time
  8. Not even that many people owe some certain amount of bitcoin in there wallet and I know most of them bought it in the name of making profit in the future, it is impossible
  9. They have to regret it because now I can see the price of bitcoin increasing but by bit and before you know it will go higher than you even expected.
  10. We are on same line, fluctuation is like a culture to bitcoin in the Cryptocurrency marketplace,you will the price rise now and later in the day it will fall untill when the demand is high
  11. We hope so because the current price of bitcoin is $6,400 and we hope to see the price increase in few days coming and probably make it up to $10,000 by next month
  12. Everyone needs to make use of bitcoin because it is the one that will give you more profit especially when you make investment of the coin
  13. Sure they will remain there forever untill the owner uses the private key to open it if not no one can ever get access to the wallet, meanwhile it is gone forever
  14. It is much better if you even make use of USD because it is more popular in the Cryptocurrency world than any other currency
  15. I prefer to leave my own in the yobit exchanger untill the time I want to sell and I use the trustwallet to make my transactions very quickly
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