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  1. I think it's impossible that ethereum will overtake Bitcoin, if we compare Bitcoin and Ethereum in full, it's very clear Bitcoin is very high. Many people would think that impossible, I don't know that Ethereum can't take Bitcoin, Bitcoin has gained more popularity and it has a different rate when it comes to buying and selling.
  2. Yes, you need to be very careful about cryptocurrency now. Too many fraudsters are trying to steal your information and personal keys so that you can be careful and take appropriate security measures when using something like Telegram. Now, especially with a lot of fraud and new scams. So be careful.
  3. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have a very good future. Everyone accepts cryptocurrency as payment mode. It has become very popular among people. Crypto will be beautiful in the future, in the future Crypto will definitely be more developed and more people will learn about Crypto and invest in it.
  4. Of course I think cryptocurrency can help the country in many ways. Cryptocurrency plays a vital role in the development of the economic sector of a country. Help people to send cryptocurrencies money, earning money. If country payis are used, it is also a benefit for the country. So if the government can use it properly, then it will soon be able to improve the economy.
  5. There are many places on the web about Crypto that you can learn or earn about this technology. But in all available places now, I recommend only forums, trading platforms and crypto learning websites. This 3 rd place really helped me speed up the progress of the crypto world. I went somewhere else, i was tasked with just being a little out of time. Kryptok. Yes this gave me good knowledge, great return.
  6. Bitcoin supply won't end but you can say that the total supply is running and then no Bitcoin is going to be back to me but the mining fee will be rewarded. Bitcoin supply will never end, because bitcoin is currently a high level market value as Bitcoin and the way all our merchants are working with Bitcoin, of course, as long as I live, I think Bitcoin is always the best for us, so Bitcoin will never fall short.
  7. I think it's because of the do-it-yourself virus because crypto currency is occupied by many problems on the site, bitcoin is from crypto world to Astana and now is one day. Any problems such as a Corno virus and exchange issue and additional, so Bitcoin prices are not yet increased but the price of Bitcoin will increase gradually in the coming days.
  8. I think Cryptocurrency is not a scam. Crypto is a digital currency and plays an important role in the virtual world. Cryptocurrency project is one of the safest and present projects in the world. However, there are countries where cryptocurrency is prohibited because people in that country have low quality posts and different types of scan. Currently they are banned by cryptocurrencies.
  9. Many advantages in cryptocurrency are that everyone sends and receives coins easily. Cryptocurence is not controlled by a body. You can walk down the street without carrying cash as long as you have a secure cryptocurrency wallet. The disease sent through contact cannot be transmitted by cryptocurrencies like cryptocurrencies. Among others, these are the benefits of cryptocurrency.
  10. I think Bitcoin transactions take longer than other cryptocurrencies. Because the transaction has to be secured and the leg and scammer from a user are not passed through multiple securities. This will make Bitcoin or blockchain systems safer in transactions that can be scammers.
  11. The best and most effective way to protect your coins is to store them on a hardware wallet. This proves that these currencies are well protected from hackers. The risk of placing your coins online and on the web wallet. It is best to deposit money in the wallet, not on the exchange, because the exchange is often hacked. It's best to check the domain continuously for the site you go to.
  12. The best cryptocurrency investment is Bitcoin currency. Investing bitcoin in currency will definitely bring you profit in the future. Now one day Crypto Investment is the most important acquisition to get more money and has many investment processes and assets. Some changes are made to the Crypto Currency site. Investment Crypto Currency site is mostly welcome.
  13. Bitcoin Holdings is a profitable and sustainable holding for many profitable coins. Bitcoin is now cheap, so it's more important to keep it. My thoughts are great to keep Bitcoin this year. Because we've all already seen the currency rate go down and it's the best time to invest and when the market rises again you can say you have to wait for your investment and make some good profits but once the market rises again the currency will rise.
  14. I have never experienced not accepting coins when depositing, because if we follow the deposit correctly, it will not fail. If we send coins from one wallet to another, it will not fail if you follow the rules and act correctly and properly. If you want to send a coin, make sure you enter the correct address, and you can lose the coin you want to send if you enter the wrong address.
  15. Crypto is a vast field and it has many opportunities to make money. It's a way for you to choose for you to earn. But most people prefer trading to earn money. It is impossible to get rich with Bitcoin, if you don't do a lot of Bitcoin, or if you are involved in illegal activities. Well, though you can make money using Bitcoin.
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