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  1. I myself am very interested in learning about Deep Web, I have done research on Deepweb, and there is more cryptocurrency and Bitcoin usage than Fiat currency, there are a lot of big transactions, which many people call MoneyLundering, in fact Deepweb is a deep dark world, where common. People can't sink.
  2. Although many cryptocurrencies have come to the market using Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin has not been so popular as Bitcoin till date and most transactions are through Bitcoin and I think in the future the popularity will grow and remain good.
  3. Facebook founder Libra Coin had lunch, very soon Facebook would use Libra coins as their advertising payment gateway,I think this coin will be known as Stablecoin in the future, I do not know if it will be good for us to invest in this coin, I will understand more later.
  4. The position of Yoda coins is not good, but I think Yoda coins can return again, and the price of these coins was 9000 Satoshi at the beginning, we can wait again. However, we should not invest more in these coins, we will be better off understanding the location of Yoda coins.
  5. Cryptocurrency signals are my favorite, because I can collect cryptocurrency signals from a lot of groups by trading cryptocurrency signals, and I have been trading with signals many times and I think if you provide our signal for me. Trading will be much easier
  6. Bitcoin is facing many adversities Bitcoin has not received acceptance in many countries so Bitcoin is involved in many legal issues for acceptance in many countries and it is not so good at present, I think soon Bitcoin will be able to overcome their adversity and return to good condition. Interested to do, Bitcoin will never die No, I think so.
  7. Holding on to trading If you pick and hold good coins while trading, then you can make good profits, but this may take a long time and you may have to wait a long time if you lose patience. Can't trade.
  8. The capital you need the most to achieve success by investing, and in addition to that you will need to pick the right coins, if you can do these two things well you will find success by trading.
  9. I love short-term trading because most of the short-term trading profits are high but I have short-term so it seems that in the long run only those who have more capital and short term trading is better for those who have less capital so I do short term trading.
  10. Investing in bitcoin will not be very profitable, as more capital is needed in Bitcoin, if you can invest by choosing small coins, you will get more profit, I myself have increased investment in small coins and now I can earn a lot more income.
  11. I like your plan, we can invest in this Yobit Exchange to invest in the Yobit Exchange to recover losses when our trading losses occur, and then we will recover the losses, and I think this is a best plan I will use from now on.
  12. In cryptocurrency you have to make the right decision at the right time, you have to buy your coins at the right time, then sell the coins again to understand the exact time and market position, and according to the situation you have to hold the coins, everything has to be understood in the market place. Trading these three matters is very much needed.
  13. If you want to make a profit by trading then you have to invest in picking a good coin, and you have to hold it and you need to have enough doors because you have to spend a lot of time chatting. You have to make the right decisions at the right time. And can be profitable by buying and selling coins.
  14. You need to have a minimum of $ 100 to start trading. If you start trading with $ 100 you can earn up to three to four dollars a day and you will earn about $ 150 a month. I think this amount is enough to start trading.
  15. It is not right that you need more capital for more income. You have to have good experience in addition to more capital. If you do not have good experience on the market, you will not be able to benefit from investing more but you can suffer a lot.
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