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  1. When I read your article, you mentioned that there is a special facilitation in the exchange of game goat items in the online markets. can you open this part a little more? It would be better for me. I am especially interested in quick and easy in-game purchases.
  2. There are so many Cryptocurrencies working in the Atrium chain that I am the first to hear the Crypto Money you wrote. I did a short research on the internet. I saw that the trading on Coinbase exchange. It also made a price determination in RSD.
  3. Are you in a good list, alternative websites that I can follow are available here. But I always love using Coinmarketcap well. Perhaps it is a habit, I know very well what, how and where to find it.
  4. In addition to being the most populous country in the world as a population, China is an important country as it is one of the countries that are most interested in crypto money. especially in Asia, other countries follow his movements. Likewise, Japan will follow a transaction that China will take, and it will start to be more interested in Cryptocurrencies.
  5. Yes, I have read this story before. if it briefly evaluates the event, btc has moved from one place to another as there is no farsightedness. I wonder what happened to that person. If the same situation had happened to me, I would have saved some of my BTCs instead of spending them all.
  6. One day, all countries will have to accept crypto money. they cannot ignore these events any more. Belgium is a country that has taken a step in this regard after Germany. a promising situation.
  7. We often see such events in the cryptocurrency world. After strong sales, the price goes down, but after all, they definitely recover. sometimes it triggers this event in betting exchanges. If I was a daily trader, I would have benefited greatly from these fluctuations.
  8. The idea is very interesting and useful for the future. Thanks to this approach, the world of politics will benefit from the unique blessings of the Blockchain infrastructure. In addition, since the vast majority of people are interested in elections, they have taken a useful action on the reliability of cryptocurrencies.
  9. The answer is actually very simple. First of all, you can get information and earn satoshi by talking about Crypto money on this site. You can gain a move to Crypto coins by trading these satoshi on Yobit Exchange. In this way, Crypto currencies that grow in opening markets will be more valuable and will spread to wider audiences.
  10. The biggest reason for cryptocurrencies not being accepted worldwide is that people who use various Illegal means, such as drug traffickers, often trade with Cryptocurrencies. This is the biggest obstacle for me.
  11. I saw the link where the news was published and read the content. but I couldn't see the person who made a clear action on this. If UEFA will do such a thing, the awareness of cryptocurrencies will increase more. will surely have a positive reflection.
  12. I entered the website of the news you gave, I had the opportunity to examine a little. I don't know much about this subject, but this kind of thing seems to me like a waste of time. Maybe I'm thinking wrong. Of course, this is my personal opinion. Also, I keep a very long distance to Airdrops.
  13. If you are making such comments by reading graphics, you can never predict the Bitcoin direction. Leveraged Exchanges are very effective on Bitcoin direction. Following them will be more decisive in price.
  14. I just opened the dam number message today. For this reason, the first gain was around 5000 satoshi. I sent it to my balance and I saw with my own eyes how reliable and fast this system works. I hope that this website will become more widespread and rank first among its alternatives.
  15. I looked at the two links we provided as a source. They entered a beautiful formation in thought. Of course, the success rate will change in direct proportion with its use. Having such developments in the field of financial services has always been promising for the Crypto World.
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