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  1. Cryptocurrency is really the unusal and most valuble gift to give someone because it can be of much higher value in future. It is the reality
  2. Best way to get profit in crypto is to buy the a good coin in the market dips and bottom so that you can take profit in the bull market.
  3. well crypto wiill definitely replace th fiat in future. Same is the case for internet when it is its early stages no one ready to adopt it but with the passage of time it has became the necessity now.
  4. There may be one or two chances where Binance has been hacked however, it is a great site to trade and store the crypto
  5. BTC is the boss it will prevails over all the coins. However, ETH has great potential also and it can really perform good.
  6. Well blockchain is the best online wallet for holding any crypto assets. And nano ledger is the best offline wallet to hold crypto
  7. Well the digital currency can be really useful for the new students/generation because blockchain will definitely revolutionized the mode of payment and data security in future.
  8. I think banks are really in fear that if digital currency is accepted as the mode of payment the countries in legal way then there is no need of any banks in the world.
  9. I think EOS is the best coin for 2020 because it can reach to much higher level in a speedy way.
  10. BTC is about to fall lower because it is creating lower highs continuously. I think we will definitely break the 6400 dollar level and fall much lower than that.
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