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  1. Yue bitcoin will be going world wide but with that is not all will believe in it and that can bring about many changes in the modern world.
  2. The financial sector will benefit from it and also help in developing the finance to be more strong and reliable.
  3. Actually those that has bought bitcoin in past five year has make a huge amount of profit from it.
  4. That is possible because the eth is making some good progress and the price can rises in the nearest future that one now can be equivalent to three in future.
  5. The crypto will be great in the future if it continue to have this kind of progress is having now and the future will be great.
  6. The years is already here and there is allot going on from the price and others in cryptocurrency and still there are things to wait to see in before ending of the year.
  7. I don't thinks I'm leaving crypto because I'm having life here in the cryptoworld and I have ways of earning and making profits.
  8. There are many scammers and most especially in telegrams there much site that are scammers and if care is nut taken you will get scammed.
  9. Actually who ever want to broadcast any new should make sure that the news is confirmed not a fake news because all news counts.
  10. Some sectors have start receiving crypto as a way of making payments and if dentals are also accepting that will be easy to make payment using crypto.
  11. The long time investment will be good and better in XRP but the bitcoin will he better in having more profits.
  12. The bitcoin is the king now and even if there is another coin before bitcoin it dosent have value Like the bitcoin.
  13. I never think of that but that will bring allot of uses that will be interested on having the free giving.
  14. The cryptocurrency will surely be adopted and the future is going to be great and most sectors will adopted the use of cryptocurrency.
  15. Actually every professional is once a beginner, I think the issue is that the beginners are no doing what are do.
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