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  1. The best way to get some followers and reputation is by posting useful content for the community of this forum, also you should definitely not beg for likes and so on.
  2. There is definitely no one exact coin to invest in because profit is really changing from time to time, and you can't just invest in the same crypto over and over.
  3. Free coins were a nice thing when you didn't have to complete some tasks in order to get those free coins, currently it is not any profitable or worth your time thing in my opinion.
  4. Everybody has their own style until they publish some copypasted material or information from other forum, so those people who are judging might be right sometimes.
  5. There are still some users on this forum which are just posting only good information and write their opinion with some nice pictures and text, I guess they won't get warnings.
  6. It is actually very good for you to share a referral link with your friend, they can easily earn money by writing messages, and when they trade bitcoin you get 20% of their deal,
  7. I think that if you are not clicking on some suspicious links, not downloading any malicious files, and of course not giving anybody your password, you must be safe. However, there is always a chance of exchange hack.
  8. I see such a possibility only if yobit finds a great value for them from the users of cryptotalk, because currently I don't think that forum actually gives them some value.
  9. Well, countries that allow its population to buy bitcoin directly with their cards definitely win on the cryptocurrency market because they could really take the best part of this market.
  10. There are so many ways to buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, but recently it became really easy to just deposit money on binance, which is crypto exchange, and simply buy crypto.
  11. I guess you forgot to mention that before trading could become any profitable for a person, they should spend countless hours losing their money as well as time.
  12. Recently the system of paying for posts has changed and we won't get bitcoin anymore for our messages, so it is up to you right now to stay here and hope for a profit in September or not.
  13. It probably happened because user used the quote directly from your message and just deleted the rest of it, however it is definitely some kind of mistake of developers.
  14. That is right to ignore many of cryptocurrencies that are currently available on the market because you just cannot earn stable money from trading them or investing.
  15. There are actually a few ways to withdraw your money earned in bitcoin, you can directly send your bitcoin to some other crypto wallet, or you better trade it on ripple or litecoin and withdraw them with much less fees than btc.
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