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  1. As fer as I know bitcoin demand is huge and demands makes bitcoin so valuable in the market. Others one point maybe reason why bitcoin so valuable because bitcoin is first crypto coin in the cryptocurrency.
  2. Hello dear mate, I am new in this forum and I sm also new in crypto world. I am very lucky to get cryptotalk site and getting free bitcoin everyday, so I advice you work cryptotalk and earn free bitcoin.
  3. Hello dear friend you are right, I think every forum member never thought they can earn free bitcoin but now everyone are happy because every day we are earning free 30k sayoshi. I also never think that I can earn free bitcoin to my life.
  4. Hello dear friend nezar you are right, if we comment old topic of the forum our comment get approved and not get deleted. But if we comment new post our comment not approved by the moderators, so thats why comment old topic is a good idea.
  5. Hello dear mate, I am new in this gorum and I still learning about cryptocurrency. You described really good difference between fiat currency and crypto currency. One think I can say crypto coin more valuable than fiat currency.
  6. Hello dear friend, my crypto career is very short maybe six month I joined crypto world. My friend told me that crypto have a great chance to get a good profit if I invest crypto coin, that's why I am learning cryptocurrency from cryptotalk forum.
  7. Hello dear mate, you are right we should recommend cryptotalk to our family and friend because cryptotalk giving a opportunity to learn and earn from their site. If we refer our family and friend they can learn about cryptocurrency beside they also earn free bitcoin everyday.
  8. Hello mate, I am new in this forum and still nothing worst is happn in my shory career at cryptotalk. Worst thing is happen at cryptotalk is delete the post few day's go but not all are ok.
  9. Hello mate, you are right dear friend cryptotalk forum will bring lot of user to yobit exchange, as a process many user will trade at yobit exchange and they also invest in investment box at yobit. Yobit exchange is a world class exchange and this exchange will go in top rank in very soon.
  10. Hello mate, I am spend most of the time in this forum because I want to learn crypto coin business beside I also want to earn free bitcoin everyday. I think 4-5 hours spend at cryptotalk forum.
  11. Hello dear friend, cryptotalk have a 2,15,000 members in this forum and every day many people are joining this forum without referral program. Now cryptotalk forum is a trend site in the internet.
  12. Hey mate, you can give like maximum 10 in a day, so you can not give as many like as your comment. So I have a advice do not give like all the comment reply your post because all comment reply are not useful. So use your love react carefully dear friend.
  13. Hey mate, thanks for your informative post, yes we should analysis the post before reply the topic and we can see some reoly what people are thinking about the post, than we can reply the topic given different comment from others comment.
  14. Hello dear mate, yes you are right cryptotalk change many people people life because we are earning free bitcoin everyday, means we are warning 3 usd perday which is really good amount of money. We are really thankful to cryptotalk giving a free bitcoin.
  15. Hello sir, you are right their is less spam right now, because forum is upgraded and their is no chance for spam in this forum, if any use try spam this forum they will be banned in this forum.
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