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  1. As the technology develop more cryptocurrency Technology replace the Fiat currency whole world depends on internet if internet connection is shutdown how it is possible bitcoin has become more popular cryptocurrency in future
  2. Bitcoin market is very fluctuating leverage trading in current situation of market is very risky I always prefer long term trading in my experience we can make good profit in long term trading as compared to the short term trading
  3. Its depends on your investment if you have good amount for investment than Bitcoin holding is best because Bitcoin price is very high and you cannot earn good profit with low investment if you have a small amount for investment then you should choose ripple coin because this coin has a great potential and it will give good profit in future
  4. This is possible because price of Bitcoin is increasing now and it will cross $7,000 in coming few days bitcoin face resistance on $7,000 if he break this resistance level then price of Bitcoin is increase and it will touch $75,00 in next month
  5. Both have their own importance and value Bank technology is more safe as compared to the blockchain technology because Banks give us security and assurance to save our assets blockchain technology is safe for those persons who invest in cryptocurrencies
  6. Cryptocurrency is not centralised and no government control cryptocurrency this is the big enemy of cryptocurrency in my opinion because many countries banned and not accepted easily as a payment method this is a big hurdle
  7. In my opinion Crypto world is very favourable for me invest in Crypto world is very profitable just buy stable coin like Bitcoin and hold your money is growing in future cryptocurrency will replace the Fiat currency because this is the upcoming Technology of fiat currency
  8. Because of Corona virus it is very difficult to say Bitcoin price is going up on halving everything is possible one thing you should remember cryptocurrency business is a very risky there is always chance of loss so never take any loan for investment just put your extra saving in Bitcoin
  9. You mention very important point to become a good trader the most important thing is learning and having a good knowledge and experience most of the new trader going in loss because they cannot control their emotion and greed
  10. Coronavirus create very negative impact on the current market of Bitcoin that's why Bitcoin prices decrease Bitcoin price is rising now we hope this problem is solve then Bitcoin add other cryptocurrencies price more increased
  11. Yes you are right the current price of cryptocurrency is a low there is a downfall in market but if you look at the current Chart of Bitcoin the price of Bitcoin is recovering now we can make an analysis in tradingview website expert traders share their chart in this website that is very helpful for beginners
  12. Well I am rich person if I buy Bitcoin in year 2010 because the price of Bitcoin in year 2010 is very low current price off Bitcoin is very high as compared to the price of year 2010 bitcoin holding is very profitable
  13. Click on trade select BTC and choose the pair you want to convert your Bitcoin in other cryptocurrency put your order which price you want to sell your Bitcoin your order was placed and you convert your Bitcoin in other cryptocurrency
  14. Bitcoin is not legalised currency that's why not acceptable in many countries the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increased and Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method in some countries
  15. Bitcoin is the best option for long term investment just put your money and buy Bitcoin and hold it for long period of time the price of Bitcoin is definitely more increased in future and it will provide us great profit and orr money is increasing
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