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  1. I understand what you think, so from that if you want to make a long-term investment. Must think to choose a good coin, so that if you go down it will quickly return. Long-term investing is difficult, but many people have already done it.
  2. Agree with your thoughts. Because that's what I think too, that what happens to bitcoin will certainly be good in the future. if there is a decline now, then I consider it just a correction.
  3. Just look here: I just example of the top 100 exchanges, it is a legitimate exchange and just choose according to each person more comfortable trading in which exchange.
  4. The most important thing in trading is indeed related to analysis, not related to luck. Because trading is not like a dice game in gambling. who wishes her luck every roll.
  5. The difficult task is certainly doing the tasks given by the application. For example, just like a referral program, it will be difficult to do. And the results will not be much.
  6. Hey @betelihem Do you still use the application to produce ethereum to this day. Or the application is dead and does not pay again? Because usually applications like this don't last long or are difficult to produce, so people will leave.
  7. What kind of tasks exist in the Premise application? whether like quizzes, surveys, playing games or whatnot. because usually the task is average as I said it.
  8. After opening the website, I was surprised. what I first saw was like a gambling betting site. But I am also new to this exchange and for the first time opening its website.
  9. Indeed in other exchanges large bitcoin withdrawals too. But compared to the yobit exchange, the yobit exchange has a much greater cost than the others. Because in other exchanges it's not as big as in the yobit exchange.
  10. I am not surprised by the huge rewards of binary exchanges. Because every time the binance exchange always presents interesting competition with a large reward. Both for personal and group.
  11. The yobit exchange has indeed been operating for a long time, and now of course there are also many users. we can see through CMC, that yobit exchange traffic is also very large.
  12. Is this LTC plus really official from Litecoin, like hardfork in general. Because I just found out about this, because usually there really is like ethereum limited, it turns out it's a scam. and now it's Litecoin Plus.
  13. In this context, I agree, Stable coins are really needed right now and very useful, of course. Just imagine if there is no stable coin like USDT, it will be difficult to save or maintain its value.
  14. All crypto is suitable for beginners, but it's just that each crypto has different risks. And must be analyzed first, or ask a friend who has entered in crypto. Because the wrong thing is a reckless beginner in choosing the first investment.
  15. For bitcoin specifically, it is in blockchain explorer that I always use to track transactions. Never track through any site that exists today.
  16. Indeed, no one ever knew, but in all the articles that I have seen. always Satoshi Nakamoto who is always called the creator of bitcoin. Although until this moment, never knew the truth.
  17. But in this case, not all bitcoin addresses always change. There are exchanges that can use the previous address and some are changed automatically. so the goal is really good, as you say.
  18. The decline in the previous year is a fact that happened. And indeed many people lost their value at that time, but people will think confidently in the future when bitcoin has fallen and will again increase.
  19. Yes I think that you are right and I think that it is important to double check your transactions before making it and I hope that people will understand that they need to secure their transactions because problems like this can exist. Some are truly missing and some can be returned, depending on the exchange. But most of the time when it is wrong in the address, it will disappear and check up to 3x so that the address is correct.
  20. In my personal opinion, Binance is changing even better coin market. Because before, people didn't fully trust CMC. so with binance taking over, I'm sure CMC will be better going forward.
  21. Very precise, because in the telegram too many bots. Mining bots, airdrop bots, all of them can never be trusted. unless it's directly from the project in question.
  22. I understand about plans like this, but I'm still confused. what account are you using. Is the account in an exchange or a wallet? hopefully that can be answered.
  23. There is no really profitable game that you are looking for in the play store. Unless there is a game competition held from a project. Just example of Cartesi, it is a gaming competition that can really be profitable.
  24. Make the cost token low. And anyone can make it, and what to think about is what token you are making. people will not buy if there is no purpose for your token.
  25. In crypto actually never trust anyone. If you only know in the online world, then don't ever lend your money (for example) because there have been many cases that have occurred. And people who borrow, do not return with many reasons.
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