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  1. I know that friend, but I mean there is more reward for example for users on the leaderboard. The goal is as simple as, to motivate other users.
  2. I strongly believe that the exchange of yobit has such people, and also I am sure the problem is not security related. But there are other things, because for the security of exchange yobit via the web alone is very safe. Surely they are very concerned about security.
  3. Due to the fact that trust wallet is not on news or on social media or anywhere online that is it hacked, that means it is not hacked. That is true If it was hacked, surely there would indeed be a lot of news related to this. It may be that the private key or phase is known to someone else. resulting in cases like hacking.
  4. I am very afraid of using Metamask, not distrust of this wallet. Because I'm afraid my browser has a problem such as a virus. Will it have an impact later?
  5. ethan1751

    Wallet Wombat??

    I have never used this Wombat Wallet, and my friend has never used it. so don't know much about this wallet. And do many users here use it?
  6. Why isn't Blockchain wallet included in the list above? Don't blockchain wallets have apps on cell phones too and I often use them. even though it's not specifically for bitcoin.
  7. for what time lapse, that's not a problem. Depending on the strategy of each person. But a strategy like this is very good indeed, many people suggest doing it like this. in order to get cheap and cheap prices.
  8. What you say is true, but everyone certainly does not know what price fell and what lowest price. I do not blame people who buy now, maybe they are sure in the future it will rise in current prices.
  9. ethan1751

    Trading Bots?

    Trading using this bot has been around for a long time. Some use it, hoping to make a profit. But many people don't use it, because they think it isn't effective. And sure enough, right now trading bots isn't used anymore. because most of the losses experienced.
  10. There have been many big transactions from whale like this. Either in binance exchanges or other large exchanges. The goal is indeed we do not know, some have no impact. But often people make the benchmark as a market movement.
  11. Are these 5 exchanges originating from Africa or just taking over the market? Of all the exchanges, I have never used it. Can I access globally for the exchange above.
  12. Does anyone still do this? If anyone ever gets the 20% commission, what is the estimate. Is it appropriate deposit or there are things that affect.
  13. Yes, I think so too. They may ask for KYC when the amount is greater than 2 BTC, but I am still worried about depositing in it because I am from a country banned from most exchanges and you may block me and lose my coins. That has become a common thing, Same as binance exchange. which is not necessary to do KYC, if not more than 2 BTC withdrawals in one day. If more, surely the exchange will ask for KYC.
  14. This is a simple suggestion and maybe everyone here I am sure knows this. But it will be difficult to wait for bitcoin at the lowest price and don't know what the lowest price is at.
  15. The fact is true, I want to add a little that if the number of fiat and estimation to bitcoin. So if people have bitcoin, there is no need to carry a suitcase with an amount of money, just carrying one item (wallet) is easy when having wealth assets in bitcoin.
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