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  1. i mostly used coinmarketcap market price update; market capitalisation and btc and eth dominance also we can find on coinmarketcap.good site for getting legit information.
  2. Poor countriws have some rules and regulation for printing of their paper money. because there is issue of inflations related economy so enjoy this sentiment of countries .
  3. The main purpose of crypto currencies is payment system via online transfer by using blockchain technology and this market is decentralise and this is p2p market.
  4. There no chance that USA will replace usa dollars with btc. Because still USA not accepted btc as legal and trump president of USA said this is not good market.
  5. Bat basic attention token is a great project .Bat already used for some great browser such as brave gave a lot of free bat token from some years. And still its price is good for long term investment .
  6. Now many charity organization accepting crypto market coin and token.The most common mode of charity is eth and bitcoin.So we must gave some btc as charity .
  7. Never has been happen to in fact crypto market has no link with crypto market. Crypto market is only for trading and payment transfer system not going to replace fiat currency .
  8. i also never asked to anyone to invest in lending platforms because i know these sites are for small times and soon gone from the market and we suffer into high loss.
  9. much difficult for us to explain about btc and crypto market because most of people even never listen the name of btc and crypto market that is why they not understand what is btc .
  10. you are very optimis for crypto market although it has much chance that in few years many countries accepted btc market as legal but not necessary for all peoples use it.
  11. oh so strange for you and for all those are suffering this kind of virus issue.this is never happen with on any site. May be due to alot of virus attack on your computer .
  12. wow if india is going launch its own crypto coin then very much good news for all indian investors because they want their country gave him freedom .
  13. coinbase is a big crypto market company. Coinbase earns just commission more then two billion usd. it means a lot potencial in this welcome new employee of this company
  14. past is gone we cannot gets back it but we can now earn some btc with spot trading or leverage trading every thing is possible now btc can go again all time high price.
  15. Now many new companies jumping into crypto market that is why now bitcoin is very much high price i saw it because i am using this market from 2018. i seen in my eyes btc from 20000$ to 3300$.
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