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  1. Yea approximately all members here are join this forum in order to generate some amount of money . Infact me also but I found that with money we can also got a good knowledge about cryoto world . Generally i also visit cryototalk at free time and make my time fun and enjoy .
  2. I already joined alot of airdops like this and always they promise to give a good return but the fail to do it . But I going to trie this one also , A kind information to you that this is not a right place to share this kind of post your Airdrop and bounty section for this type of post .
  3. Good to hear that you already learn about Bitcoin as well as other kind of cryoto currency in childhood . Bitcoin is always profitable for me , I always invest some amount of money in that and going to long-term investment . Not only bitcon but u also make some amount of money with other cryoto assest also .
  4. Yes this is true there is alot of bots as well as many other Account that contact you form a group and start sent personal message . They offer many services to you and also show up some fake payment profff , some newbie member sent payment them and they blocked them after recive payment .
  5. I think this is fake website , I am also a website developer i sure this is micro niche blog . There is already many blogs in market that's is looking same like this . Never share your private email on such kind of website as a result you may be recive email form fake accounts .
  6. I prefer volatile Bitcoin , because by its violation everyone has a good chance to make a good amount of money by it . We can buy it at low price and sell at high price and make a good amount of profit by it . If Bitcoin is stable then it's not an easy to make money by it .
  7. It's on your will you want to chose and in which your interest is good . Without interest it's is so hard to do any work for long time . In telegram you just do hardwork till your group has a good amount of active Member , after that you are able to generate a good amount of money by it . Same as in cryototalk you just need to rank you ACCOUNT and you got a good result by it in future.
  8. Yes true !! There is not any kind of features in cryototalk to delete ACCOUNT permanently . I think you just contact admin or cryototalk or moderator also and email them about closed your account . Surely , they will do it .
  9. I know about it but I didn't join this exchange , the main reason behind it is it ask for kyc and I didn't want to public my information . 3$ signup as well on per reffer is a good amount I also know this is safe as well as trusted to used .
  10. I think that he said true there is approx 21 million Bitcoin is already minned and on daily basis approx 1800 Bitcoin minned , According to a post in blog there is only 1miion Bitcoin left for mining , after all Bitcoin is minned then we can say that Bitcoin is pump with good speed .
  11. This is good news for our country !! I also read a article about on blog and I think that India is government is not official announcement on it . When this coin come in market we can hope a bright future of it .
  12. Not in my college ( both girl as well as boys ) didn't know about Bitcoin as well as other kind of cryptocurrency . So I don't things cryoto currency is suitable to gift to anyone . I used physical things to be gift at any moment not only in valentine's Day .
  13. Not any coin in market is like a bubble . Bitcoin is a good and valuable coin in cryoto market and it's is very old also . This is good that bitcon demand is increased day by day . After minned all Bitcoin i sure that price is increased.
  14. Yaa if you work according to rule of cryototalk then you not fell any kind of porblem here . But I also suggest you to used search bar befor doing any post , because already there is alot of post upon it and multi post on single topic you may be recive warning point .
  15. getting followers here it's not an easy for this you need to do work hard here . If you going good as well as valuable post here that is help other user automatically you are receiving good followers and reputation power is also increased .
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