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  1. this is really we'll to see that's who itsself increase usage of crypto currency I also believe that at This time this is best if we use Crypto currency instaed of fait currency . this action surely attract new users to Crypto Market .
  2. there are still two languages we can used in this forum one is Russian and other is English this is well if forum support other languages also i sure this action may be successful Tu to attract new user.
  3. if you have newbie in Crypto market and didn't know how how to used forums then you can choose only those questions that's you will easily answerd , try to Google if you didn't know answer properly , kindly read guidelines properly how to used cryptotalk .
  4. we know scamers is everywhere infact every field , I read your post properly and that's is really knowledgeable post for those who work in bitcointalk , I also used bitcointalk for Join Bounty's and Airdrops and sometimes I got good profit by them .
  5. many countries think that if they adopt Bitcoin then they see it's negetive effects on economic because there are huge amount of transaction are start occuring in crypto other reason we accept that there is still not any method to control it's price or its supply is Also limited.
  6. I think this is good if you contact yobit team about it or watch videos that realted to your questions hopefully you easly backup your Google 2fa without too much problem , I used mobile text 2fa instead of Google because it's is easy to used vm
  7. this is good to see that they catch hackers , u didn't think that This value affect the bitcoin price too much because already we see a huge amount of hack in market .
  8. this is first time I hear that in Australia trader need Tu to pay taxes on their trading, I think how this is possible to tracking fund , transaction in blockchain technology I think if they used their own exchange then easily they charge tax from its traders .
  9. pumping and dumping in Case of Bitcoin and other altcoin are occure at high level that's a good time to makes good profit by good balance I sure some good experience memebr took benefit of this time and make a good profit.
  10. I think that you want to know that you are share holder or not ( stock ) I am not a stock holder I just start my journey in Crypto Market after some times and with good money I think to took step in share market also.
  11. yeah you are right this is golden chance for good and experience trader to makes a good profit at this time because violation in market too much and easily we can makes a good profit if we have good amount of money for investment .
  12. I am Also interest in trading and join Airdrops as well bounty , I join a good number of bounty and sometime we got a amazing profit if we join good bounty . I always try to learn New technique in trading alreday I purchased some paid cource of Trading.
  13. hot topics are those that's conation a good view in sometimes od when they publish whenever our post contain good view and reply automatically our topic Also on hot topic section.
  14. already I used this app or extension this is always work fine for me by this we can easly known price of Bitcoin at different times on different exchange sometime if we have good money we make good profit by selling and buying at different different exchanges.
  15. every coin want to pump in market as like Etherium also . sometime price of Etherium is decreased due to some reason behind it . just wait Etherium till it's not reach on your fix goal , o hold Etherium till it isn't reach $500 .
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