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  1. Hello my friend, yes there is actually a difference in the number of posts between yobit and cryptotalk forum, because cryptotalk forum gives you the full number of your posts and either yobit platform gives you the number of posts that have been accepted and paid for.
  2. Thank you, my friend, the truth seems to be a video explaining the origins of the digital currency mother (Bitcoin), I traveled myself to see it and this is nice of you to advise us to see it.
  3. Thank you, my friend, for this information I didn't know about before, it seems an easy and quick way, having such a bot will help us a lot, I will definitely try it in the future.
  4. Hello my friend, I think that videos allow you to learn better from programs, the video explains to you every small and large located in encryption and there is also this site helps you and a great extent to know all about encryption, here we can help each other and this is great and I advise you also.
  5. Yes you are right my friend that the gain of the dumps is slow and it takes days to gain what this forum gives you so I guess put all your interest in this site, I when I got to know him I left all the faucets and bots and small business, the truth when I have a little space and i finish my work here I work a little to gain from the faucets but the main work and all my interest is here in this forum.
  6. In fact, my friend, At first I made this forum just a place to make money, but with the days I learned from it things I didn't know before and I got attached a lot, my second community became here and that's great.
  7. You are right about this, it is important to know about the update in the system of this forum and to see what to do and consult the people who know the most of us in case we have difficulty, thank you for alerting us to this.
  8. Hello my friend, the truth about finding a project you can count on will be difficult, especially in recent times, fraud has spread a lot, especially on telegram, 95 of the projects on it, whether bots or airdrops. It's not honest, and it's sad. I advise you to take advantage of this site it is great and you can count on it to learn and increase your experience in the field of encryption as well as making money.
  9. You are right about this, my friend, I have searched a lot in the world of YouTube and i have not found an integrated way, we really have to work in our own way this will make the work easier and faster than imitating others.
  10. In fact, my friend, you are right, we must pay attention to the comments and be disciplined in the rules of the forum so that we do not have the ban, we can divide our daily work within 24 hours and this will make the work easier for us.
  11. Yes, you are right, my friend, we should pay attention and be careful and think carefully about any investment site we are thinking about dealing with, especially high-paying sites.
  12. You're right about that, my friend, but I think there's a fear that someone would report to participate because the communication was not used properly, so a lot of topics are agreed.
  13. Hello my friend, yes you have to play dice 10 times in order to earn 10% per day, but I advise you to pay attention to trading and learn that best opinion.
  14. The truth has never occurred to me before because a wealth of cryptocurrencies is a dream for me, but if it happens and I have a lot of money I will think of creating my own currency and a site where it allows others to be happy and benefit.
  15. You're right about that, my friend, we have to get to know about anything we do or the results will be negative and hurt us. This site here you can gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies and this is great and you also earn during your work here.
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