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  1. Yeah mate i have no idea about this and not making any transaction about such coins btc to btc cash. But it may be present pair in the yobit exchange.
  2. As beginner you follow the rules and regulations for the living on this forum and it's a rule every new lived as new even yet get learn and make more post and then go grade
  3. This is right every trading or inevsting having risk and chance if getting more profit.if you get more in you life you can get a chance if risk and then make your life perfect and face many or problems as barier. You make more attention to way of success.
  4. Yeah dear mate in every step of life experience and knowledge required and lead to way of successful. Learning is the best things and asked to the senior members when you make any decisions. Big reasons mostly newly members did not serious to the crypto tradings.
  5. Yeah dear mate you right and i may fully agree with you crypto talk did not receive any palteforn or place in which a user sit and work no office or community required for this. You can work on the crypto at may where and earn money
  6. Yeah dear buddy you are right and both are the comfortable if any one know about these any more and earn money. Learning is the best thing and lead to success way. I prefer more sites because hacking problems not more and not effected other factors.
  7. Yeah dear buddy you share best information about earning through the game and make fun with spin and earn money. I will try it and earn such and make trade on the different exchange.
  8. Yeah buddy you share best news about earning with online gaming and make money with fun. I did not use this before now i will try it and earn money.
  9. Yeah dear buddy there are Soo many app lunched on the play store which opportunity to the user to earn free coins and amount. Some are the scam and some ere the best and real pay in large amount. I prefer my re fun game which pay small amount.
  10. Thanks for sharing this information about earning and learning more about crypto and through the app on mobile phones.
  11. Yeah dear mate you ask the best question about the important and more stuff app for Android. I use more and more app on the phone and one of the most important and some are more boring.i used gaming app more and earn money but in less amount
  12. Yeah dear buddy you share best information about mining on the Android but i did not use this on the Android and i always use laptop and make more money on the mining which are more sites online.
  13. I haven't heard about this bad news getting banned on the Bangladesh. If it may be more critical and very bad for them.
  14. Thanks mate on your best post. You really best useful tutorials post for every one and learn it and create useful topics.
  15. Yeah mate you really best and informative new about creating of the topic. Every one should create useful topic and avoid getting Waring from the moderators. There are some topic and post comments on the more huge.
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