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  1. They might be too lazy or doesn't care about it. Why because they think it is not important. After all it is important because of what it will encourage the commenter.
  2. I don't trust them at all, I don't want at the end I should be getting much disappointed that is why I don't do any airdrop or bounty again because I don't think they worth my time.
  3. Yes because fiat was the major coin before but of low that crypto was existing. It has occupied the space of fiat. From what I can observe crypto is mostly use even in the black market.
  4. Example is been here. We are all at home and have nothing to do in common since we are in lockdown but at home still with your internet and your PC you are able to make some earning.
  5. You might be saying the truth, but the market can not be underestimated. Anything can happen. You can see a coin shooting up in price without even knowing what makes it to be doing so.
  6. Yes that will be great. You will learn a lot of things to avoid and also what to embrace that is why it is importance it have an experienced person as a friend. You are welcome.
  7. There will be much difference, by December 2020 what the price should look like it should had passed the price it was at May 2020 because that was halving with about 7 month.
  8. Up till now it haven't been there I don't know why but actually it is taking a lot of time for Bitcoin to get moving. Whenever it reaches 10,000 the next thing it will fall back again.
  9. In order to avoid that. You should be knowledgeable about the topic and then you should have what to say not to be looking at others comment hoping to fish out ideas from their comment.
  10. In BTC it is good and it will be fastly to make transaction even from coinbase. But when it comes to bank transfer that is when it usually takes a lot of time to be processed. So it is not the fault of coinbase.
  11. Yes we have nothing to do in this lockdown, all what we should be doing is that to be on this forum for time pass and also to earn in which we both earn from the two ways.
  12. That will be the best idea actually if you are looking forward to saving your money, because it might be that your mobile is been hacked or infected with a malware.
  13. You can earn from your website, but how much traffic do you have in your website before you will even think of making money from it. That is the first consideration you should look into.
  14. Still that wouldn't make it the best choice. A lot of people doesn't want their transaction to be tracked so they will find it difficult to use that blockchain, maybe only the government will use it in case of money laundering.
  15. Yes that is for investment and not for trading. When you are making investment. You don't bother about how long it gonna take because you already put in your mind that it will take a lot of time actually to yield you profit.
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