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  1. China is really one of countries, which is really interested in cryptocurrency. More than that as you above mentioned l don't think that she wants to stop mining in own country. 10% can seem as small for us, but it is not small percentage. Maybe there is something wrong with this news.
  2. MrGox

    Buy BTC

    This time is also the best time to collect some BTC, that is why the price of BTC is so stable and it is just 9k. As you know BTC will reach 10k and no doubt more than this price. Just be patient it will happen till the end of the year, maybe can at the end of the year.
  3. MrGox


    It is just hard to detect scam, but maybe there can be some ways, which can help you to avoid scammers. Maybe if you are looking for any legit exchange or projects for investing in. You must make research about team, product, goal, also review of others about this.
  4. Cloud mining is not profitable with shit coins, but it can be valuable with top altcoins. More than that as you above mentioned l don't also prefer any cloud mining sites, that is why it is so hard for me to detect legit one.
  5. As you said l have not also any experience with this wallet and l have heard about this through this topic. l think that for mining you need to have a great system, large equipment and also good energy. On the other hand it can not be profitable to make mining.
  6. MrGox


    It would be better for you, if you visit in airdrop section. Maybe you can also find some video about airdrops on YouTube. But it is so necessary to be careful that is why it is hard to find airdrops that are legit.
  7. That is right knowledge plays most important role in this world than money. That is absolutely right we must stay active and check the rates of coins. If you can realize right the coin, most probably you get success.
  8. That is right there are a lot of scammers in this world, and no doubt numbers of them are increasing day by day. We must try avoiding them, there are still some people, who fall into their scams so easily. If we realize any scam, we must report to admin and report them.
  9. Thank you for sharing information with us, but l can not see any link of free mining site. It would be great, if you share this site, to tell the truth l don't believe most of them, that is why most of them are fake and fraud.
  10. l have never heard about that, but l want to try it. l have just registered, but does it work still? Is there anyone, who is earning from this site?
  11. Yes that is right most of the beginners don't have any experience about scammers, and they fall into scams so easily. It would be so better, when you want to make some content, before doing that make good research about that.
  12. We should make here the best as we can. l think if you decided to work here, you should focus on work and try to work so hard. Everybody is learning through topics, we must give the best information to each other. To make money is not everything.
  13. @melikf78 You are absolutely right there are a lot of such sites, and no doubt most of them don't pay the members. They are definitely scammed and wasting of time. It is so hard to find any legit site, but as you said if you found any legit site, cloud mining can be valuable.
  14. l think also so that, it would be better, when l can decide to bull or sell. On the other hand it is just hard to rely on automatic trading, maybe as you above said we can lose our money.
  15. l don't know where do they find this comic name for coins, but l don't think that toilet paper has potential to be one of the best coins. ๐Ÿ™‚ There was also co-coin from Columbia ๐Ÿ˜„
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