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  1. @Asim Ahmad l'm very fine with my health, thank you for thinking my health. But l think to check information and to be sure about everything are also important. It is my opinion, maybe l focus more than others on this situation. However l think it doesn't mean that l have some problem my dear.
  2. @IshfaqWe should check id and address, on the other hand we can lose our money and more important after done that if there would be some problem we could not get our money back. Cause of that we should take care.
  3. Either Yobit or other forum if you have enough knowledge you can earn money everywhere. No doubt Yobit is one of the best platforms where we can improve our knowledge and more than that by doing that we can earn money.
  4. l think knowledge is more important than money. That is why you can lose money, but if you have enough knowledge, experience you can get back your money in the near future. For that reason we should try improving our knowledge.
  5. Nice topic! l want to share some realty, English is not the mother language of everybody. It is our second maybe third language. But this language helps us for earning money and also as you know English is so one of the important languages, which half of the world is speaking in English. This forum helps us to improve our language.
  6. There are a lot of platforms, where you can invest and make some operations. But as you said it is also necessary to choose one of them which is really reliable. l think we should choose the platform which is really trusted by others and also so popular. Maybe we can save our money with this way.
  7. Learning is important in our life, but if we are talking about this world, you should always improve yourself if you want to get rich. That is why this world is changing every day, if you can follow the event. You can win.
  8. Some members try making copy and paste from others, but it is not fair. As you mentioned everybody must try making something new which can be helpful for others. It would be better if members who try making like so, they will be banned by moderators. With this way we can make something better.
  9. Before investing in any coin, we should make great research about this coin. If it is new in the market, we must make harder research about the coin. That is why most of new coins are shit coins and absolutely wasting time investing in them. Be careful, if you realize that it is not valuable, try staying away from it.
  10. Time to time there is always some problem on Yobit, it happens that is why Yobit teams want to make something better than old. But it is my opinion, there can be other problems like at the same time people visit this page. But be patient it will be solved. 🙂 Best luck.
  11. If you want to get a good reputation from other members, you should try making the best topics and sharing the best information which can be helpful for others. More than that if others would learn from your contents, believe me you will get good reputation from others members.
  12. Learning is so important in our life, as you above mentioned we should not stop learning that is why life doesn't stop teaching. We are here on this forum where the new technology is changing every day and the person who can follow this changing, he can be among kings. In Cause of that we should keep learning. It is more important in crypto world.
  13. You are definitely right my dear, ETH is really the best choice for the future. If you see the situation of the ETH, you can see that ETH is getting high day by day. No doubt ETH will keep price increasing in the near future, cause of that we should collect some ETH in our wallets. l believe in ETH.
  14. l have also heard about this site first time and this topic is helpful for everyone, who don't know about the site. We can learn from each other what we don't know.
  15. Likes are important, because we are working here and when we get some likes from other members, that means your topic, comment are so useful and liked by others. It motivates me.
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