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  1. For me as i joined in last month of February so i am still learning the circumstances of the crypto world as many happenings are going in the surrounding so every day a thing to learn.
  2. For me to earn crypto is from Cryptotalk.org. And we all are earning from here. Till now it is truth that i have not found any other website earn as much as from here.
  3. Patience is always the key of a successful trade if you the problem like being panic is never a good option for the trader and for your funds as you will loss it all.
  4. Due to the outbreak of Corona Virus in the worldwide so many happenings are being down like the lock down and curfew in many countries which also effecting their trade so indirectly effect on crypto.
  5. It is not hidden that many countries have banned the crypto and make it illegal to deal but people are still doing the trade in crypto world by hiding from their governments.
  6. Every project do need the support while it is initiating itself into the world of crypto where it is much difficult to withstand with alot of challenges.
  7. Could be anything but the most important things whether by shorting of bitcoins will really increase its worth or the people will just lost their interest.
  8. Whenever someone do greed while in trading they always face loss same happens with me as once the prices reach to $7000 and i greed and wait for me and i result a little shorter the prices start to fall.
  9. Next main event is the halving of the bitcoins where the miners fee will be reduced to the half of the current price. And also an analyst said that prices will reach upto $250000 after halving.
  10. And one of the biggest advantage is that they can trade like the boss as they knows what will the cons amd prons to invest in a coin as they are sitting between the coins.
  11. As after the bitcoins only the etheram has the highest volume and on the number one in altcoins so may be due to this it is called the Father of altcoins.
  12. Don't think so that its gonna happen as every time bitcoins hit the line $7000 it immediately dropped to the $6500 or below and i am observing it from last few days.
  13. May be they want to create the more hype for their coin as the market trick to make the people do wait and increase the worth of the things by advertising.
  14. For trade it is necessary to go for the centerlizing system as there are many peoples working here but if you want to go for the decenterlizing system then there will be no trade.
  15. Depends what is situation going through the stock exchanges and the world trade. As in these people do also on leave and make such activities a little postponed.
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