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  1. Usually things like this are cool to fill up spare time, depending on each other's luck alone. but don't ever hope for an income expecting this.
  2. Out of curiosity I once tried this, after I calculated the value obtained. It is really low and it only rewards and does not mine who actually uses the machine.
  3. Never expect to do mining using only the application. Because it's really a waste of time, there really is an application, but it doesn't seem like it's mining.
  4. Actually to sell and hold, we have our own decisions and choices. Not only Litecoin, for all crypto is the same. As long as you don't want to suffer a loss, then just hold it until the crypto returns to the price when you bought it.
  5. I even chose for both of them who are equally profitable. From behind that all the roles of bitcoin will determine the direction of altcoin so the movement of altcoin will be based on the movement of bitcoin.
  6. usually news doesn't really affect much. What is certain is that technical analysis is the main thing to do in trade. Because with that you can determine which direction the market will go.
  7. Previously I have used this wallet, to make USD transactions. And I did that without prior experience. Just understand the basics like using another wallet. But now I never use it again.
  8. All exchanges, big or small. all of them have the opportunity for each new token or coin to be listed on the exchange. Certainly different terms and conditions.
  9. That's right, there's always a scammer hanging around. Not only on the binance channel, but others are also often found. The main thing is always be careful.
  10. At that time it might have been a problem and now it does not happen again, I agree that the exchange of yobit is a legitimate and good exchange. This is indeed often the case.
  11. Bitcoin is a good currency and the price of this currency is good. If Bitcoin became a trackable currency, all scammers would be prevented from this digital currency. Scammers will think of committing crimes as usual. Because it is likely to be known where they are when committing these crimes.
  12. The possibility will be that, but for now it is still not all countries that accept bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But it will continue going forward and certainly every country will support crypto.
  13. Questions like this might have been around when the new bitcoin was created. But if we ask questions like this, what makes it fail. whereas bitcoin is very large now.
  14. Tether and USDT are the same thing. But if we have this crypto, it's only for stability. Not for a profit sought. Many crypto are cheap, if you really want to find cheap ones to save money.
  15. It seems like there are many who suggest buying bitcoin, it is true that you will be able to get big profits. But you have to buy a lot too, and the risk is that not only profit but loss can occur.
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