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  1. I really also havent heard anything about the face book liberal project for quite avery long while now but i am sill quite positive they they project would still procced as they planed
  2. Some of this very lowed priced value crypto currencies are worth buying and stocking for future sales or investment, the major task here is to just find the appropriate coin to buy in orther not to lose
  3. I really don't buy into all this sort of kick starter cryptotalk currencies and croud funding, I they are mist times organized by scammers for their own selfish gain leaving their victims at huge loss if wealth.
  4. there is no much debating on whether who would win between ether and ripple, although bot coin are actually good and doing well in the crypto currency trading market, but i will go for ether as a better coins to ripple.
  5. how accurate is the research you did on this coin, I if its really good i really haven't heard of it for onece and you actually didn't accompany your post with pictures to further convince us to invest in this coin.
  6. I totally also have no idea about what is is or means, i was thinking of googling it but i thought why not just post a moral boosting comment to see if someone would help us explain tbe main point of it an save us the trouble of researching it
  7. most of all these very new crypto currencies newly created are mostly only just for scam motive, I just driving traffic to thier site for one benefit or the other and if there are lucky someone invests then they run away with the cash
  8. I also definitely have no idea if really bit coin was the very first decentralised crypto currency, but hope to kniw that, just by reading trough the comments contributed by other users here.
  9. That is a really awesome development for thier country, I i mut say that i am really impressed that they were able to pull this off. I there are quite a number of big countries planning the same thing but no word from the still yet
  10. I certainly don't see much price value fluctuation here in the crypto market, the prices have always being quiet stable covering a very long duration befor there is any significant change in price.
  11. Verily i am happy for this opportunity created by cryptotalk forum to earn money from posting, i do benefit frim the sute and in tokken after sending my btc on yobit i use ut in thier exchange for ither currencies to benefit futher rerurns.
  12. There are future possibilities to that, i believe that as soon as this corona virus pandemic is all over the demand for bitcoin will be very high giving that possibilities high ods of happening
  13. Bit coin cash is yet still In it very infancy, whilebit coin on the other hand has been in the crypto world for a longer duration and has influence over other crypto currencies so the bit coin cash can not compete with it.
  14. I believe that is kinda of risky or may be just a little dou, it is most beneficial if you diversify your investment so as to get the maximize returns from all of your investment .
  15. Well if i was to actually invest my money, i will go for crypto currencies like bitcoin, tron, I Ethereum, yoda coin, or even ruby.but i really prefer trading bitcoin, or just Ethereum. Those are the best crypto currencies to invest in
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