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  1. You need to have the money you need to pay to add your currency to the exchange. You don't need too many skills, but you need a team of programmers and marketers.
  2. There is a coin you are looking for but you can remember it can be pumped or nobody knows. There are a lot of tokens at these prices but remember you will not go anywhere in most of them.
  3. It has become a game for investors seeking a safe haven and they will leave the project in the bull market for each other. If the project does not have enough profit to explain the 100% backed up Witcoin, I will never put my money in my currency. Instead of using a 50% chance, these Witcoins go to lower price points.
  4. It is very difficult to get real value in crypto now, unless we start seeing stable currency in crypto in the market but there is no change in value, do you think we need stable coins? So I think if we should look back 4 years in the cryptocurrency industry, crypto does a very good job of stabilizing at a price point.
  5. I recommend buying XLM from now on, as the price is now practically cheap. While my prediction about stellar lumens (XLMs) is that this currency has a very good potential, arguably the best Wellcoin right now. In addition to having very high volumes, XLM is also popular in the cryptocurrency community.
  6. As far as I know only Bitcoin, which has the option of using it on various websites and even supermarkets in some places around the world, and Bitcoin has not yet been made available for payment.
  7. My favorite token is BAT, the reason I prefer BAT is always on the big exchange list and there is a unique program that makes me interested. .
  8. Time and network are not a problem, we have to have data to be able to use the Internet. But without money I don't think so. In a division without capital as impossible. Most device PCs or mobile phones certainly do not have this with capital.
  9. I can make money by trading them and you have to be patient, if you don't have the patience you will waste these coins. However, if a coin accidentally reaches my wallet, I will take all the money in my wallet and put it in stock. The market value of currencies will increase.
  10. If you don't have a wallet from a website, I think this is impossible. The second question may be that we have the ability to create a Bitcoin wallet. Think I don't think we don't need a wallet at first.
  11. I will never discount coins where it is not insured, so in the case of hacks they do not give you anything back. However, I am sure that you are investing in Bitcoin and crypto for a very long time, in the hardware wallet like Nano. Left on the best and secure exchanges like Buenos Aires? If you have to be hacked, you will get your coins back from the insurance because you are insured.
  12. You do well when the same thing happens, sometimes I get this national request through TG, Twitter, Conflict, I tell you I just can't. Now I don't know how there are people who want to steal from others, It really is so bad that they are given back, when a person behaves badly, the same life comes back to him and he doubles up.
  13. Most of the time we see a lot of "bullshit signals" and sometimes something completely different happens, but I'm surprised at how true these technical analyzes can be.
  14. I think my acquaintance with Bitcoin has become even more familiar and great because adoption now requires adoption of Bitcoin, but I'm happy to hear this kind of news.
  15. We need a technical mind that knows how to analyze to avoid problems. This is not art or just something that needs to be imagined.
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