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  1. If you are a newbie or in the first rank, then you'll be notified that you've already posted 50 posts and that is the limit of posts if you're on the first two ranks here in the forum. But after becoming a Jr. Member, you'll have no limit with posts per day. The only limit is the paid posts per day, which is only 30 posts per day is paid.
  2. Nowadays, there maybe a lot of airdrops that you'll see. But yes you're right, 99% of airdrops today are just a scam. Most will make you do things like share there airdrop and some stuff, but before proceeding to doing what they ask, you should first check if the coin is listed. If the coin that they are giving away is not listed, then it is 100% sure that it is just a scam.
  3. Doesn't really changed mine, but the existence of crypto helped me with my life. I'm still a student and I have trouble on finding some ways to earn some money, but then after crypto became popular, forums such as bitcointalk existed and that helped me earn cryptos that helped me get some extra allowance.
  4. The best and section that should be used the most is the beginner section. Because in the beginner section, we can guide those who are new to the forum and we can make the forum better by guiding new members. For if we just let them be and without guidance, I foresee that this forum will be toxic and become garbage.
  5. I've got some Bitcoin right now and I'm planning on trading it to some Ripples or maybe USDT. But I'm also thinking to hodl because I know that halving is coming and there's a high chance that Bitcoin will have a bullrun. You know, just like what happen last halving.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, lost Bitcoins are lost forever. On my knowledge, there is no way that people can do in order to recover lost BItcoins. That is why we should be careful of what we do with our Bitcoins, for once it is lost, there's no way to recover it.
  7. Did your prediction came true? I'm hoping that if your prediction isn't right, you should at least took advantage of when Bitcoin's price crashed last last month. It crashed to 3600 dollars and it is really great opportunity to buy Bitcoins.
  8. I'm always holding Ripples not just because it is one of my favorite coins out there, but I'm speculating that this year, will be the year of Ripples. I've read some article that once you've used Ripples, it cannot be used again and it is like a disposable coin. So I think that in the future, there'll be less supplies of Ripples and if the demand stays the same, I'm pretty sure that Ripples will have a bull.
  9. @rekter For me I'll be doing this actions when: "Like" - If I found something that is very useful or is informative. Sometimes I also give like if someone posted an information that is new to me. "Sad" - I give sad reaction to posts that do not violate any rule here in the forum but are a bad post. Example is when someone gave a false information. That is not a violation of any rule, but it is an example of a bad post. "Report" - Those posts that violate the rules of the forum should be reported. Just like spam posts or posts that doesn't have above 100 characters.
  10. Yes, cryptocurrency maybe the future currency and may become an alternative currency besides Fiat. But I can be sure of one thing and that is Cryptos will not replace fiat currency ever. Most likely it is because of trust issues about cryptocurrenci
  11. First of all, it is impossible to totally shut down the internet. Or even if someone is able to do it, I'm pretty sure that they can make it online again ASAP. Then second one is that cryptocurrency will never replace Fiat. It may become really popular, but it'll never happen.
  12. This thread would really be helpful for people who are starting in the crypto world. But it would nice to specify that it only works on Ph. Others might be confused that it'll not work on their country.
  13. I'm new to cryptocurrency trading and I really appreciate you posting a thread of tips for those who are new to trsding. Although what you posted is about forex trading, but I'm pretty sure that I can get a thing or two that I can use in trading cryptos.
  14. My country belongs to the South East Asia and it stands in the middle. It doesn't really ban cryptos, it is not legal and illegal at the same time. It's like they don't support it but we can freely use crypto in out country.
  15. Yes, I also noticed that there posts here in the forum that have negative react even though it is really a good post or even if it's just a normal post. The admins should give attention to it because it can be subject for abuse.
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