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  1. Well we can't sure for that and still we don't know who really Satoshi Nakamoto is, it still mystery by everyone if it's really a person who created bitcoin or an organiztion, some site like that might just a scam, they just saying that it's Satoshi to persuade easily the person that visiting it before you enter in that you must be careful and observe it first and see if there are some crypto user using it.
  2. I think bitcoin volatility is natural if it's decreasing or increasing well it's volatile it means it can change every seconds and we can't know if the price can really move increasingly, we just need to be patient when situation like this is coming.
  3. Well it's the world of technology where all things are contineuosly evolving to make an innovation in the world and that person is know it, he came from google and now he enter crypto world and it is god because there are someone who expert in some sitauation like this cryptocurrency.
  4. Well cryptocurrency is the new technology that is decentralized and no one controlling it so everyone can use it and of course some thief will abuse it's system to victimize someone and fool it, it's just that there way of comitting crime become cyber with the use of Internet.
  5. It might just some bug, I also experience bug when I do trading in yobit and my crypto stil not coming, well for us not to happen it again we need to be careful on our post and it should be contrucstive and don't spam same thing.
  6. That's a good news to hear I am a gamer person and I think if that's can happen it is good because you will not just enjoy palying games but still learn about the new technology and it is cryptocurrency, and of course you can also earn profit from it. I hope some company game also adopt crypto and integrate it in their system.
  7. It happens because bitcoin is very volatile and it's volume is huge so halving can help to minimize it and for the price of bitcoin to increase, well some say halving is coming soon but we don't know when it is but we need to be patient for this and just wait it to happen smoothly.
  8. I didn't know that coin, well cryptocurency is very volatile so you can think it's a war for several crypto to reach their peak price, well if some crypto doesn't recognize by everyone it might become dead, but if there someone who has still using it it can still continue to grow in the market.
  9. Cryptocurrency is known by every person in the different country, it's domination over the Internet is huge, well it's because it is decenrtalized and no one is controlling it so that everyone can just easily use it if they want.
  10. Well bitcoin is very volatile and considering it's price it can change by time to time in the market so it's hard to predict when bull run might come, we need a lot of patience for this situation to wait for the price of it to reach it's peak.
  11. It's sad if that's happen, well as we all know some country also still not adopting cryptocurrency it's because some governments don't want it's system, they want to control the flow of money and crypto is decentralized and no one can control it and they don't want it because governments need to observe and control the flow of money.
  12. Well securing crypto will depend on us because we're the the one who make our decision how can we secure our crypto, it just that we need some technology that can help us to be more secure in when it comes to our crypto.
  13. For me I think cryptocurrency might still run because it is decentralized and no one is controlling it, so it can run on it's own, it's just that it might not be tradable in some way because exchange platform is a tool that help crypto to minimize it's system.
  14. Well of course we already know it and it is bitcoin because it is the father of all cryptocurrency, and it's price is still rising, it is the top most cryptocurency and someday it will recognize by everyone because it is the new technology now.
  15. Well bitcoin is very volatile and the price of it is changing over the time in the market and it is good if you early buy bitcoin when it still low because it is profitable to hold you just need a patient to wait for it's price to rise again.
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