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  1. I think it will not happen, national currency will still remain it's just that cryptocurrency can also be used to buy things through a cashless transaction because it is the true purpose of digital currency to use it with the use of Internet.
  2. The future of cryptocurrency especially bitcoin is huge because it has a lot of benefits can give by everyone, and it is the new technology now that might innovate the world in the future someday.
  3. Governments is really stricted in implementing cryptocurrency because they think that it can't help the world and they have fear of this also because of it's system, well as we all know governments wants to control the flow of the money, and crypto is decentralized and no one controlling it so if they legalized it the authority of the government might lose.
  4. Well for us to be able to prevent fraud we must know of course what we are doing and must always be careful giving some private information and not just immediately trust you met over the Internet.
  5. Bitcoin s very volatile in the market and the price of it can change every seconds, so it's hard to predict if it can really reach that price, well we should be patient because halving is coming soon and we need to wait for it to come because it is the time where crypto might rise and might also reach that price.
  6. It depends, but for you to know that you must first have enough knowledge about crypto and must know how the movements of the market works for you to be able to analyse more in addition you should know what you're doing when it comes in this situation.
  7. This forum can help us improve our english language just by continuing to post with sense and constructive, yes we're not good in grammar but we can still develop it by learning more in this forum.
  8. The key of success in cryptocurrency world is that to have a lot of patient when working in it, because working with crypto is not simple, you need to work hard for it and always be patient to wait for the opportunity to come.
  9. Well if that's happen to me I might feel happy because I received some crypto that I didn't expect to receive, but of course I also feel bad for the person who sent it accidentally I might bring it back depending on the situation.
  10. There are so many apps we can use to learn more about cryptocurrency we just need to choose the one that is easily to understand and straight to the point explanation about crypto.
  11. Good to know it, well I knew some of it, that slang word is created by us crypto users for us to be able to easily know a thing if we hear or read some of it, well it is good to know for everyone here especially the newbie starting in crypto.
  12. Well it still an arguments for some people but I think I must prefer blockchain technology because it is the new technology now and we need to adopt it because we are now in a digital age, banks is centralized and it needs to control the flow of money while blockchain is a decentralized system that no one is controlling where everyone also free to use it .
  13. I think not, because crypto market is different from stock market, well they have the same concept like you invest and wait for the price to rise, in some way they have a lot of differences and replacing stock market can't happen because both are beneficial to others.
  14. That's a big news for them especially the people who uses crypto early, well I think it just that can immediately legalized because it still need an intense study but one thing for sure if they manage to implement it, it might a big help for them to use a new technology like crypto and I hope some country will adopt it also.
  15. Yes it's true that facebook might launched their own crypto called Libra but I don't think there are some new about twitter that they also having or creating a crypto, well I think you should attach a proof where you see that about twiiter having some crypto.
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