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  1. You can use the Yobit platform and profit through it daily by participating in the forum, and you can also subscribe to Every airdrop you see
  2. Thanks thanks for sharing this topic, the explanation is very easy since there were a lot of people do not know anything about investing in the platform but now after reading this topic everyone will learn, but advice to all of you be careful and you choose the currency that you want to invest in it
  3. Thanks thanks for sharing this topic, the explanation is very easy since there were a lot of people do not know how to do this step, you have now helped them
  4. You can't do that, but you can turn both on and when the Wi-Fi connection is cut off, it will connect automatically with mobile data
  5. Mining is no longer profitable this period and mining on the sites is not profitable either. I advise you to work on something better than wasting your time in this site .
  6. Hello my friend, I am from Egypt, I have been working in the field of digital currencies for 2 years, and I am happy to meet more friends from the forum, Hello everyone
  7. MProook, my friend, I will also go first take my day today, and very happy to this forum, I am a vow to friends and friends benefit from me and also get you profit, this is a pleasure
  8. I love his work BNB is his work pinnice plant but this currency trading is very good, and you can invest in the platform
  9. Of course you can, this is the idea of the site here. Here, all lovers of digital currencies gather, friends share experiences, and you benefit from me and I benefit from you.
  10. You can buy through the Binance platform as it is the best choice, as you can buy via your Visa or Master Card with ease
  11. I will invest them in the Binance platform in the safest thing today, or I can learn a new field and open a project and invest in it.
  12. Daily working about 7 hours online on them 3 hours working in digital currencies, I work in digital currencies since 2 years
  13. At the present time I prefer trading, and at all times trading is better, but if the costs of the mining project and the costs of electricity are cheap in your country, start mining and then trade in the currencies that you will win
  14. It is very good as it has a feature that is not present in many portfolios, which is that you can convert digital currencies to dollars and withdraw them to a payeer wallet.
  15. Because it will certainly benefit from his friendship and will not objects things that do not know, and will share his experience with friends here
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