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  1. Hey mate, you are right e-currency means virtual currency like paypal, payoneer, nettler etc. We can send our money with quick time and we can purchase good in any country which is the best advantage of e-currency.
  2. Hello mate, bitcoin price not increasing in the present because of corona virus, corona virus effect the whole world. Now world are suffering corona virus, so now we have to wait long time to increase bitcoin price as fer as I know.
  3. Hello mate, you are right this is the right time to buy bitcoin because now all the coin price is low specially bitcoin price down 10000 usd to 6000 usd. If we can buy bitcoin oneday bitcoin price will go high and we can get good profit to sell bitcoin.
  4. Hello mate, I heard few years go that exchange can be hacked by the hacker just like cryptota exchange site might be hack in the past and lot of user lost their lot of money. So we have to careful when we store our coin in the exchange. So we have to store our coin in the top exchange.
  5. Hello mate, you are right ETH coin not grow as like as much but 2020 ETH coin price up near to 300 usd but after corona virus all coin price go down, so we have to wait for long time every coin specially for ETH coin.
  6. Hello mate, I never deposit wrong wallet to my crypto coin, although I am new in this crypto world because I know if I deposit my coin in wrong wallet I can not recover my coin in any stage, so I always be careful when I transfer my coin to any wallet.
  7. Hello mate, you are right panic seller in not good for crypto investment because in crypto market coin price always go up and down, it's very much happen but we should not panic for decreasing coin price. So panic seller is not good for cryptocurrency.
  8. Hey mate, cryptocurrency are safe to invest if you invest right coin in right time mate, if you invest wrong coin your money will not give fruitful result. So research first than invest at cryptocurrency.
  9. Hello mate, I am learning cryptocurrency from this forum, so I am spending my lot of time in this forum, I spend 3-4 hours in a day in this forum. I also look at the coinmarket everyday.
  10. Hey mate, this is really good news for binance user, I am really happy to hear that news. We must give thanks of Binance admin who made this decision. All banance user will be happy to saw that news.
  11. Hello mate, all ranked coin wallet is ok and I not found any wallet that maintenance mood. You are right free coin wallet are maintenance mood because we can not trade or withdraw that coin dear mate.
  12. Hello mate, before I not heard about too much about investment box of yobit site, so thanks for your information, if invest in investment box at doge coin than I will invest my money.
  13. Hello dear mate, what a useless topic because without exchange how can we trade, their is no way we can trade coin without exchange site. So exchange is the mandatory to trade our coin, hopefully you will understand my topic.
  14. Hello dear mate, my experience is awesome about yobit site,this exchange is super fast trade and withdraw fee is very low except bitcoin. At the moment I not face any trouble using this site dear mate.
  15. Hey mate, don't trust any new exchange because most of the new exchange are fake and don't try to use that exchange, looks like your exchange looks fake, so if you want to use any exchange, you can use yobit exchange.
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