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  1. Yes, it is very, very difficult, but it will pass sooner or later
  2. I spend about hours reading some publications. If I have any questions, just write it and wait for the answer
  3. The site increases every day and the posts increase with it, making it difficult to verify each post. Thank you for your efforts, officials
  4. Now there is a decrease in the bitcoin coin, I think it's my weeks
  5. You must publish 100 posts for free, you will start earning on each post, but you must respect the rules.
  6. Unfortunately, I am impatient. This makes me lose many deals.
  7. I think Ripple is the best currency you can invest in.
  8. Good idea, and I am with you. I want to know more about cryptography, stocks and other information
  9. Congratulations on cryptotalk and reaching 14,000 members I hope to grow more
  10. I benefited a lot from you and knew after the information that I did not know. Thank you
  11. Your friend must complete 100 posts in order to start earning, not 50 posts
  12. I agree with you. I think we should be more precise.
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