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  1. Coinbase wallet is one of the best wallet with good incentives which you can hold your coins and earn more profits
  2. Meta mask, is one of the best extension wallet for browsers, this make it easier for you to transfer whirl browsing the internet
  3. The top three bitcoin wallet are the coinbase, trustwallet and blockchain, they are the best and oldest wallet been used for storing bitcoin
  4. If you don't understand the hardware wallet you can searching Google and see how the wallet works
  5. Mobile hardware wallets are the best to make use of it and this wallet has good incentives, good security
  6. You are right, the Airdrop is very good way to have more cents to your savings, this will accumulate overtime
  7. The best will be always myetherwallet because it support ethereum and ledger Nano has been used in that sitee
  8. Blockchain wallet is older than electrum wallet, the electrum wallet is fast developing and this make it easy to used
  9. Phantom wallet has been kind of disappointing as many users are experiencing difficulties in using the wallet
  10. Magnum wallet is one of the good wallet of the cryptocurrency, but we can't say if they have good security in that wallet
  11. Coinpayment wallet has Been one of the oldest wallet and it is the best among the best wallet that can support different kind of coins
  12. Rebit wallet is very good one and the way to make sure you are dealing with a. Good wallet, is their reviews in the playstore
  13. Trezor is one of the best hardware Wallets that supports much Coins and has no bad reviews, there have been the used of the wallet
  14. We have myetherwallet which is more compatible to ethereum and it tokens, but the best so far is the hardware wallet you mentioned now
  15. For me, it is not a good way to make good use of the wallet, what will they used my information and how will they save it?
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