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  1. I think this is some kind of glitch or bug in the forum. So the best way is just refresh your computer or your mobile. Then if its still not working ask for admins help or moderators.
  2. The forum is really helpful not just because its give extra source of income but also teach us what to do and not to do in crpyto trading. You can seek a lot of knowledge in this forum such as guides and tips.
  3. Go to the notification settings and turn on what you want from there, I thought it was some kind of bug but i see a topic where you just need to turn it on. So thats it mate.
  4. For me the beauty of the forum is its the way how its teach the new people who wants to learn about what is crypto how to make profit from it. And what are the struggles you are going to faces when you enter crypto trading.
  5. Some member are using VPN so that they can use multiple accounts and they are changing the IP address using VPN i am not so sure but this kind of things will work here.
  6. Yes i agree with you if blockchain and gaming world join forces it will be a new stepping stone for both platform gaming and blockchain community.
  7. Reputation for me is like a how many people admire your works or how many people appreciate your good contents and they were giving what you actually deserve.
  8. The way how to use reaction is if you like someones opinion into a certain topic you can react to their opinion and they will receive reputation.
  9. I am so sure that you can both from giving opinion or commenting into a topic and also for creating topic. So right now the forum is dont have many good topic creators so hope you could be one.
  10. Always have a backup key so that when you lost your wallet you can still recover it. Because one carelessness can ruin your crypto career.
  11. Yes you are right there is a rule in the forum that if you have multiple accounts in the same IP address you are going to be banned in the forum forever.
  12. I think there is no problem on the yobit withdrawal right now its just maybe some kind of technical issues but support team of yobit will fix that as soon as possible.
  13. I think yobit wont put this into their platform because yobit is focusing on people who are wanted to trade even if their knowledge is not enough because yobit platform is easy to understand and navigate.
  14. Well crypto currency is a currency is discovered by satoshi nakatomo where a unseen money can be converted into a fiat money. That will help most of the people who are leaving in the 3rd world country.
  15. I think yes we can have application for the forum but i think its not necessary because the forum needs a lot of upgrade and features and if they launch application i think its another work for them.
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