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  1. the increasing in the bit coin coin day by day because the bitcoin price and the trader are increasing day by day and more people invest in the crypto time to time the buying and selling.
  2. the tired is very less but some time the difficult make you bore and tired and one of the most big problem is the timing of another topic because here 4 to 5 minutes time limit or gap in next comment that make you more tired and bored.
  3. we can secure our crypto more bitterly if we first store the cryptoconcurrency wallet and save there his money after that we store and make a strong password that will make you safe and cover.
  4. the crypto is the best option for earning because here people share difference types of idea and information because here a different mind people .the crypto will give a good earning idea because here you can earn daily and
  5. learning is the most important thing for for everything same for the crypto and also for your daily life. when the more you read the better you writing and learning. this is bthe good why learn and never stop reading...
  6. no because Im new here and want to complete my first 100 post then i will see and making a yobit exchange. after 100 post completion.
  7. when the more you read the better you write the word because the more learning and the reading any topic you can write a good topic and discuss everything easing and the informative words
  8. its simple the buying and selling of coin and currency. and im new here i dont know about that because im new her ecompleting my 100 post here. gain some experience from crypto then i will se to connect with yobit exchange.
  9. the yobit codes is the app you making a account and the registered your self there after that your cryptotalk earing will will be going there and you can also sell an buy currency there.
  10. i dont know how to earn the $5 daily because im new here want to earn more and earning daily basis the work now im completing my 100 posts.
  11. there are many chances for investment in bit coin and crypto you can earn easily more earning from bit coin and crypto. the crypto is also good for work trading.
  12. yobit exchange is the app and the where making for saving money and also there are you can trading the selling and buying and buying and buying of currency easily. there are safe the account and the earning of people .
  13. the trading have some rules and regulation and if you have not the experience about the trading that will give you high loss and also this is high risk for every one dont take any risk in any trading if you have not any idea about that.
  14. the difference between the price and volume the price on which stock trades the valume represents the the numbers of thimgs or the the number of share that trading in the security o in the every market in a spicific and the given time.
  15. bitcoin is the account where you registered your account. after that you can safe your earning and you can exchange and selling & and buying. and further i dont know more about bitcoin because im new here.
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