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  1. In my opinion, cryptocurrency should be taught in school and everyone will learn a lot more about crypto and get experience in advance. Crypto will evolve as everyone learns through the Crypto School. A career with crypto can also be decided if the school provides education for crypto. Students will be able to meet their own costs through working with crypto in addition to studying in it, and will be able to grow and become a fast entrepreneur and investor.
  2. In my opinion this is not a technical or server problem and this kind of problem is not read in yobit. I did not work with Yobit in December, so I have no idea what it means. I have not had such a problem with yobit since February. To my knowledge this type of error occurs when there is a server problem.
  3. Can't say this property is correct, but I think if Gold can be used as a coin as before, there will be no change. I do not think monopoly currency would be such an effective one. In my opinion, not going back into gold will lead to a better digital currency going back into crypto and Bitcoin than gold.
  4. I think so too and I think Bitcoin is going to be in a better position to show its impact. Bitcoin has been the worst hit in the month of March and BTC prices have dropped much, resulting in many losses. Bitcoin's price went down from $ 10k to $ 5k, and bitcoin has been trying to move forward.
  5. Jana Ara

    Air drop

    Always avoid working on airdrop sites because every time I worked on airdrop site I was cheated and did not get paid. In my opinion, airdrop sites are scams and a small number of airdrops that make real payments. The problem with airdrops is that it takes a long time to get paid.
  6. If KYC wants a website, then it is necessary to refrain from working on such sites. If you work within the website with KYC then all the personal information or data will be passed to them and if it is a scam site then it will be very risky. Do not operate on any site with your own personal information and may have various problems.
  7. This is good news and bitcoin is being developed in many countries. Australia did very well by accepting Bitcoin as the first coin in the real estate project and in my opinion they chose the best coin. I believe that the acquisition of Bitcoin will bring many real estate projects and successes.
  8. I think your mindset is right and I agree with this post too. Crypto coins are free from all political and have no other effect. If the political situation in the world gets worse then the dollar will go down and it will have a profound impact on the world.
  9. I also think that cryptocurrency helps us achieve better economics and helps to increase the economics of the world. The future of cryptocurrency is much brighter and hence the price of coins has gone up considerably. Trade and investment with crypto coins and those who are unemployed can raise finances.
  10. It does not have the right sense of wealth and I also noticed that altcoin is green when the BTC price is red. If green, then the price of coins goes up and when red, the price of coins goes down. When the price of Bitcoin is green, then altcoin is also green. The correct answer is given by the traders and experts. Hopefully I will get to know the replays through this topic.
  11. There are many coins being added to the cryptocurrency, but the minimum number of crypto coins can be sustained. People work with the most valuable coins in cryptocurrency and are traded and invested. There are many coins that are lost due to lack of market influence and many coins cannot be sustained for long.
  12. Yoda Coins is marketed through the Yobit Exchange site and good coins. Yoda is a good project in my opinion and the price of these coins was good at first and the price of these yoda coins has decreased as other crypto coins have fallen. I think these coins will give a lot of good in the future and yoda coins will be very profitable. In my opinion Bitcoin will go ahead like yoda coins.
  13. I have not yet invested in crypto coins and have not had enough experience on investing. There is a lot of profit earning in the investmentbox within Yobit as I learned through this forum. However, I do not know how to get started and how it can be profitable without the risk of investment. With Bitcoin I also want to invest and start after a few months.
  14. Every topic of this post was a much more important and useful post. Of the 20 points highlighted in this topic, many of these things I did not know about before and found out through this post. I learned about Bitcoin in 2020 but it started in 2009 and I have been behind a lot since I had not been with Bitcoin for 11 years. Thank you so much for presenting in such a beautiful way.
  15. I am not a businessman and I do not have full experience yet. In my opinion, after gaining a trade with crypto, it can be understood that there is enough. Crypto coins should be traded when prices rise and move into a strategy, and should be satisfied with the amount of profit. The senior members will be able to give accurate analysis of this matter.
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