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  1. the latest innovations such as the crypto world, if many people know it is likely that in the future it will develop rapidly because this crypto world is a world that is useful for people who understand.
  2. Because if you own it, and you spend your time for the bitcoin you can earn more money than you spend in bitcoin yoh can earn it x2, the money you spent in bitcoun can be returned to you twice because if you own bitcoin, it is very profitable.
  3. You don't need to leave you job for crypto, because job is stable and you will earn money here every week or months. I think it's good if you do job and learning in crypto also so now tajtbid you are ready you will have a good decision.
  4. Many coin have good potential But no one better then Bitcoin and currently BTC have 67% of total marketCap and I think maximum people comes for BTC.
  5. I think that's right, because the development of the times more and more people are familiar with technology, crypto is a digital payment technology that is fairly advanced, but many government regulations forbid its use.
  6. You must be a skilled analyst and trade quickly through the seizure of opportunities and think quickly and make a right decision
  7. Yes, getting rich is not as easy as we think, I think entering the world of cryptocurrency does not mean you will get rich quick, because in cryptocurrency you also have to trade, wait until prices rise very high, then you can become rich.
  8. Crypto can change people lives because those people can increase their standard of life through crypto so i do believe when someone says such as this and i had feel it for my own experience than i can earn extra money from crypto
  9. associated with cryptocurrency since 2016, for the first time my friend spoke about it, we participated in various bounties and airdrops
  10. As how much i have experience in this digital currency world that no any digital currency will overtake the bitcoin because it is the best digital currency ot the world and it will remain.
  11. Crypto can be used as income but we can also lose because of crypto. But for the future I think crypto is quite good and interesting.
  12. Not the best but it giving some student knowledge about emerging technology behind crypto, It's a blockchain technology and maybe it will be used as main some ecosystem in the future so it's important to student understand this technology and their basic too.
  13. You can trade cumulatively until you have a daily income that suits you by buying cheap currencies and selling them at a price slightly larger than the purchase price.
  14. About 60% of my country are actually using Bitcoin they are into crypto snd we have so many local exchanges for exchange your Bitcoin to our local currency. So you can determine your answer now
  15. Yeah i agree too. Crypto currencies are revolution to the world. The interesting part of them are that they are not in control of any government.
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