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  1. yes I have also seen that new beginners are getting trapped into dead coins this will happen because of there negligence without knowing about marketing deyar going for investments and by any coins and finally they have to face the loss so I want to suggest them first take some knowledge about marketing then start with small investments with a good suggestions from your family or friend that will be more better for you.
  2. I am newly started trading and it was a small investments because I don't have much experience in the marketing world and also my senior suggested me to start with the amount that will be helpful for me and safe also if I get lost then also I can go for further Investments and also I want to suggest new members first gain some knowledge about marketing then only start trading otherwise you have to face very much difficulties in the trading market.
  3. that's a very motivating content was given it will really helpful if members are take it seriously I am saying this because without any motivation no one can work in this campaign we have seen that many members are getting bored for them I want to say if you have interested in this campaign then definitely you will not get bored and you should go for various sections so you can get some more ideas about the campaign and Crypto world.
  4. if you work in this campaign definitely you can make good amount of Bitcoins in few years just you have to be be with this campaign and worker continuously on the daily basis that is 30 comment all post as you want you have to do and it should be good enough otherwise it will be deleted and again I have to refill date one more thing I want to add here be careful of the rules and regulations otherwise be ready to for the consequences.
  5. in my thinking without any Reliance referral program no site can spread their Campion to thus peoples because it's very hard to contact each and every people and say them to join so there is a referral program needed so that members can refer the link to the the friends of family so that they can directly join in the campaign and get benefited and I think this campaign is the best example for your topic peoples are joining in a huge amount in this platform by the referral program.
  6. I am getting ideas from this Campion while doing the hundred forced and it is very helpful if members do it with liability then definitely they will gather many knowledge and also know the pattern to work in this Campion and many other things are there which I have learnt as beginner that knowledge now helps me in today's date we explore myself more and now I am helping other members to get some ideas as a new beginning.
  7. this problem is facing by all the members few days before but now it is sorted this is happened because of some countries are not banned from the Crypto talk Campion also they are not eligible to withdrawal the payment from the yobit wallet that is the reason why some peoples are having problem till now to withdraw their payment from the wallet. And i want to thank Satyam given this topic it will be really helpful for the new members to get some idea about this content so that they can also be serious and their content are up to the point.
  8. we also thanks to this campaign and organisation that they are giving us the chance to get some Bitcoins only by doing work on the daily basis and I have to say the payment we are getting it's enough forever student and not only I am earning from here I am also getting so much of knowledge about marketing that is the main thing I am gathering and it will be very helpful to helpful to helpful to implement my ideas in upcoming time.
  9. after the new rule implemented now Pakistan has no authority to use the Crypto talk campaign this has implemented because of low content topics from this country including some more countries are there who get Ban from the Crypto talk Campion and I want to say this is a lesson for all the members if they are not working on this content then definitely the next target are you guys
  10. I will not suggest anyone to go for Naseem invest in the trading world because we have seen that many members are getting losses because of trading they don't have any idea about the marketing then also they are going for the investments and they have to face the loss so I suggest them first give some idea about the market start with small investments when you get profit and motivated then go for further.
  11. we have also seen that many members are doing repeatedly comment on the same post that should not be done if the post deleted then all your comments will automatically deleted and all your counting also deleted explore your ideas that will help you to learn more about Crypto world and its topics and also I want to add here it will make you more good in marketing.
  12. as a beginner first go through the guidelines that will help you to get some idea about this campaign and then after you have any confusion or doubts then you can clear it in the The Other sections members are giving post to the new members from there you can easily clear your doubts one more thing I want to add be careful about your content because meaning of users are facing this problem that their content are regularly deleted show before uploading any content do some research centre some knowledge about that content that will be more better to explore it in a good way.
  13. yes I am fully agree with you members are not getting this point in a serious note they are taking this role as a casual and as a consequence of their comments and post are deleted the daily basis again they have to refill them Many of them are getting warning. Point so don't do this negligence be aware about your content and get some idea before uploading it so that you can have some knowledge to explore your ideas in a better way.
  14. there is no option if you are working in the Crypto talk then you have to open your account in yobit wallet then only you are eligible to get your payment one more thing I want to add here if you were continuously on the campaign then your payment will automatically deposited in the wallet you don't have to do anything just you have to withdraw your payment from the wallet also if you want then you can go for investments or any exchange currency is also available in the yobit wallet
  15. that's a very good topic many years are facing this issue and I want to see them these things are happening because of low content of your post and comments you have given and it will keep continuously deleted if you are not working on your content And the time will come when you will get warning. Point so be aware from this things and make this campaign successful.
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