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  1. First of all I would go with Bitcoin litecoin xrp and finally bnb coin. These coins are in my portfolio and I will try to hold or trade in March with these coins
  2. I'm unable to understand this thing I didn't see any information regarding WordPress coin it's a new thing I think so please someone elaborate and shares information with us
  3. Really that's cool I just created an account on this link and finally I got 1000 doge coin . I just put link in the telegram channel and follow instructions
  4. I see you there are a lot of bots in the market . These bots are specially designed for artificial trading. . I am also looking for sustainable for trading purpose .
  5. I have recently checked the paynot it's really appreciated . It's just like they provide services to withdrawing in fait currency like bank or Euro USD .
  6. I spent almost 12 hours with cryptotalk because I am busy in reading stuff here .I am learning about cryptocurrency and all aspects which are discussing here . I am enjoying the power Satoshi as well.
  7. Falling Bitcoin is good for an investors to take an entry an hold Bitcoins when they goes up will make profits . So there is a volatility market we can't predict about Bitcoin .it's pumping and heading towards $10,000
  8. This is very hard to predict bitcoin will go to$6,000 or below before Hallving price of Bitcoin maybe more than $15,000. So there is no way to estimate.
  9. Binance is one of the best exchange of the cryptocurrency. All new ico and ieo are listed in binance launchpad . All coins have good trading volume..that's is the big reason you should join
  10. I love to be part of it's clean interface and trading of IEO are exceptional .fees of fait currency like perfect money and payeer and Visa card are working perfectly I am giving him 10/10 score
  11. Aminakhan

    Exchange Fees

    In yobit exchange.fees are best exchange rate I mostly use USD to perfect money is 2% same payeer 2% BTC fees equals to 12$ almost . Most of there exchange have high fees to convert into fait currency .
  12. Fantastic update by Google he is truly working in the field of development and providing solutions to the people I am using Google product like hangout and duo both are expectional.
  13. Thanks for sharing quality stuff here .I don't know about much more what happened after support and resistance level broke. I learn from you posts when level broke a entry space created u can do short or long accordingly.
  14. There is a short when you got confirmed signal from expert or market making bullish candlestick than you got entry and make short term profits .but its mostly wrong thing .always put those money you are ready to take risk . Don't put money blindly. Learn and polish skills in trend analysis.
  15. Currently I am using bitforex and Binary is very old and have good reputation in the market .there is more payment gateway are available in it .
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