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  1. I am hare to know more about the cryptalk and have knowledge about topic know this forum have more people every day many member i think administration should look into matter
  2. I think cryptalk froum is every good the new program is possible because of cryptalk froum is improving high aquality it is important to maintain the standard in the out side the world
  3. Cryptocurency platform make proud of my self am able know about yobit investbox the future time i could not invest because was afraid of the requirements demand, and be afraid lose money
  4. since cryptalk froum are creating they currency I think bitcoin help in the future yo dollar will not get more good valuable than bitcoin will widely used better
  5. I am afraid that the moderator will stop the forum campaign. because of the violated I think they should stop that is not good in cryptalk froum
  6. I wonder how i know that my post is been delete and can not be counted when the duration of time is too low so your post will not be paid so salute to your enthusiasm posting every day
  7. actually reputation hare is every important to help people post make a motivate more a quality post so it help user and some one who don't have knowledge about to cryptalk
  8. I think If have warning point you should know that you have make mistake the moderator have notice to have warning my account that is bad
  9. I have start to be come member of forum for me to avoid mistake and aquaire knowledge so I could search on cryptalk then already topic are post by another person
  10. I think some one with old rank he must a legend if compare your self with the knowledge because they have aquaire alot about froum if you try so you will banned
  11. I took a few day's away from the forum due the rules maybe their have banned many member that way, I thin members have stayed same still limit
  12. Yes because 1 gmail is for one cryptotalk account and if you multiple accounts in a single phone your account will be banned
  13. To start here you are to read and understand the rules and regulations of this platform and no copies and paste no multiple accounts here if not your account will be banned
  14. Yes sometimes i t happened to me to post twice in topic which I get confused of but now I have get my problem solve by reading the topic twice before commenting
  15. I have invest 10% of my earning in this platform and I really enjoyed it because I gets a lot of income through investment
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