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  1. Faucets give you cryptocurrenies but in very less amount instead of westeing your time work on this forum and earn in bitcoin.
  2. This is a temprary problem occured on youbit exchange try to sent in your wallet after some time and you will be able to collect your earnings on youbit.
  3. I need 3 hours to make 30 post for a day some time it take less than 3 hours to complete my post.
  4. When you right usefull topic are post then oher member gives you like which increase your reputation more likes give you more reputation.
  5. Halving cryptocurrenies market is now ends and the prices of all the cryptocurrenies going to down market value.
  6. Yes this forum is very helpful for me and all the cryptocurrenies user this forum can give you all the information about cryptocurrenies market and business.
  7. Yes you can earn online from this website cryptotalk campaign give you bitcoin which you can transfer letter in dollors.
  8. Welcome new member if you want to earn here you need to make posts daily don't copy other member post and before write your post read the topic carefully for using this website without any trouble.
  9. Halving meant by when the prices of all the cryptocurrenies go to higher market prices this is known as halving.
  10. Hi friend my opinoin crypto the best future of this forum and he is best future of student crypto is the high power full rule and we read and write the rule of this post.
  11. Hi i am new and do not know about the yodollor I first heard the youdollor like and my friend ask him you should use are youbit.
  12. Hi i am new and ask him i donot earn money her till now and I have completed 100 post and he is completed and we earn the money of the 30 post per day.
  13. Hi friend i am new first of all cryptotalk are very easily on money this site help in Keane the all about of cryptocurrenies first you are copleatethe 100post and after the your profit are come.
  14. Hi friend i am new first of all I am complete the 100 posts and after the pay are come and i am safe the pay in walled.
  15. In 2020 in joined the crypto and this year the started work the cryptotalk in joined the 1 week he is very good forum of this site.
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