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  1. Thats where the profit is. You buy the rumour and once it becomes actual news you sell with a large profit. Buying the news can be tricky and most of the times these news are already priced in. So better be careful..
  2. I guess it would be better to take one step at a time, if you lose learn from your mistakes and think of some strategies that will help you recover your investment losses. ..
  3. I like cryptotalk because I can gain some knowledge and tell others what I know, these sites are very good in my view. You can earn something for free from these sites,,
  4. I will use my time machine to look in the near future for which of altcoins will have an increase and go back to the present time to trade the altcoin before. And repeat, to have a lot of profit.
  5. Bitcoins are the highest crypto coins in the world. It is called the digital gold. So i think there is no coin over BTC.
  6. If we had a section here on the forum for those matters in a year we could have all the sites listed..
  7. This is I think what you basically call as Crypto exchange arbitrage. But you didn't mention the withdrawal fees and etc. You should keep that in mind too.
  8. We can learn trading and investing from here, that's my thought. Not about how much capital we have but how much profit we can get from the opportunities that exist..
  9. If you don't know how to make a wallet, trade on exchange and don't know what keys are, you are not ready. Don't trust someone who's making claims of wealth and no risk. All investments are risk and these people should be called out and exposed..
  10. if the price will get higher then I might have an income due to the counter value difference between how much I paid/produced and how much it will worth...
  11. We already have few people I see that they are caring about the community. The number will increase as we go for sure.
  12. Risk is found in any payment system so it should be consider as general. But but using crypto we can reduce our risk. .
  13. I think this can damage the market price, the increase is only brief and goes down too fast.
  14. I think people will get a lot of support from here. But sadly this is not common in my country, but I hope we get it aired soon and enjoy the privileges from here..
  15. The blockchain system was approved after studying it and seeing its importance and benefits..
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