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  1. Mining on a phone was/will never profitable and thats because a phone doesn't have enough power necessary for mining I hope understand me.if you known any information of this topic you will gestation .
  2. I have some idea buy bitcoin from usd dollar of exchange yobit .I don't knoe properly .in my opinion I was never interested in doing so, so I never really looked. I haven't heard of anyone trading with USD on yobit before, and I've read a lot of threads on bitcointalk regarding yobit.
  3. Yes,I will care of mercetox exchange .Thank you very much to your advice I will must carefull.One of my coin was listed on Mercatox and it is a shit coin. I see they pump and dump to that shit coin around 1 cent and keeps the volume like an active trader.
  4. The main purpose yobit exchange to get money .It is a marketing campaign and yobit has allocated funds for this. This is how usually things are done with a legitimate company, instead of the altcoin bounties that claim to pay you when and if they manage to achieve anything.
  5. I had been joining 7 days ago . wanI want to make a withdrawal about my earnings and they have the fastest transaction ever in my whole life in cryptocurrency.
  6. Yse if you will exchange you must face some problem but don't worry it have solution.some exchanges make a fictitious exchange size to attract investors and traders to it and increase its rank in CoinMarketCap, and this is a fraud from these exchanges and we must avoid falling into it. It is always best to work with known and reliable exchanges. Of course, there is no objection to trying new exchanges, but one must be careful at first, not depositing large sums, and when making sure of the sincerity of the exchange.
  7. Yes I will tey my best .I will secure exchange very carefully. the most important asset that we store in a cryptocurrency exchanger is stored in a secure wallet, and many exchangers have separated operational funds with investor funds where most of the cryptocurrency assets are stored in cold wallets, Usually, exchangers who store assets in cold storage will conduct an audit when we do widhrawl.
  8. I don't know about properly which exchange lowest but I suggest everyone am use only yobit exchanger.I think their exchange fees low than other exchanger.Exchange fees are depends on what type cryoto coin do you want exchange.So you can use yobit exchanger to exchange your crypto . You will try this.
  9. If you want money ,you should exchange coinbase .I see it as an opportunity to hold it for a while, those has good volume that give me sign that's the real coin I need to buy again. Coin/ token that release by exchanges has stable price and volume than release by developer, that's the is my opinion.
  10. I know something something abou hitbtc.I think HitBTC is not the best when it comes to exchanges. However, if you do day trading you should have some funds on multiple exchanges to reduce the security will try another site.
  11. Why not I can do exchange will the steal customer.If someone sends currency to the wrong place or ends up in holding and the exchange isn't obliged to fix it then that's not theft in my eyes. It is difficult to get kney back but people dont go the right way and ofter just complain rather than resolve. If you need any information for exchange plz remember me .I will help anyone.
  12. I think if you do coinbase exchange you got . if you look what says on their website you can see this: "Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more." And again, if you want to buy and sell crypto on CoinBase you must to complet KYC and if you want to store crypto you dont need to complet KYC.
  13. Yes i will know about the wonderful site of the world.which has an app for android phones too, you should try paxful, he has more than 300 payment options, including neteller.
  14. It very sad news. if it is cancelled.but as I know this is not possible to cancel . since you think that you need to cancel it or your order is not successful in certain period then you can talk with their support team.I hope everyone understand it.
  15. I know something about this apps.B ut I don't know it a wallet or what?Please tell me about the topic because I am a beginner and want to learn.. help me I will know properly. Thank you very much everyone.
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