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  1. Of course yes you can earn more money from this forum , it will take time because perday you can earn 0.0003 btc in some day you can earn but you can't earn more money a single day
  2. A biginner should be so careful when they post a comment or post because newbie is new to this forum so they should follow the rules and regulations when they are good in this field they can earn more
  3. Cryptotalk reputation is nothing but LIKES in social media in social media like Facebook , Instagram etc if we like the post we put like on them in this cryptotalk we will put reputation if we like the post we should put a reputation
  4. There are several ways to earn money from online but I say that I will recommend cryptotalk to earn money . This platform is best way and genuine website so everyone can earn from this site
  5. Maximum number of post perday ? In this cryptotalk you should do it 30 post per day for the first 30 post only the crytotalk will pay you .of you have done more then 30 they will not pay you so don't expect from them
  6. I agree with this statement because this is the place were we are working together we should happy and joy in this platform. Not only in cryptotalk were ever you work you should enjoy the work and love to work so your work will be easier
  7. Don't forget your topics? Really this post is usefull to everyone because everyone should not post comments on which already you have posted one post only one comment so be careful when you are commenting
  8. The first achievement was that that miracle day happened in my life before a month ago the first payment when I was received that moment was so good. Before I got payment I don't believe in this cryptotalk
  9. What is the purpose of joining cryptotalk ? That's ypur question right ,the main reason to join in cryptotalk is earning a extra money for personal use.every one in this platform are to earn money.
  10. How to be successful in crypto , that's was to invest in a genuine trustable company so that you will be successful and also you should post a rightful posts and comment be regular and be genuine
  11. Crypto currency can last forever? No will last forever , crypto currency is the best currency in this world. If we all use this platform in usefull pay so this will so good and it will be forever
  12. Block chain company with highest assets,block chain is the one of the biggest company in this world with highest assets . So far the block chain are been so best company
  13. Of course yes I have worried alot of time when I was saw the fake crpto projects ,this is so bad to see this in this cryptoworld there mare many scammers will create this fake projects so far we all saw this we will be so worried of it
  14. International recognition in bitcoins are very high on this 2020 world crypto currency are being so famous most of the people are using btc for exchange and purchase and many more
  15. Are are no more rules to follow in this crptotalk 1- you should not copy and paste in the comment section 2-you should read the guidelines before starting 3-your comments should be in 100 characters There are many rules but these are the main rules to follow everyone specially for newbie
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