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  1. Not at all seriously they are and best one. Many people are working by sitting at home and earning money.they are also showing their talent.
  2. There is no mobile application of cryptotalk available in playstore but I think it is quite simpler to use a web application it is easier to understand and use many beginner without any ground knowledge can use it easily i recommend web application Gradually there will be need of app
  3. There is no specific application available for bitcoin. But it is now really need of time to design such applications and encourage people.
  4. This is no specific application design for bitcoin and digital currency updates. So you have to use the website and other previous resources you have been using.
  5. Is this a gaming application for the children or it's like your previous application of earning money? Please specify it for more information . You arr doing a great job.
  6. Is there any app available for earning money online with no investment?? Os there available any then provide mw information about that app.
  7. Is there any application available for earning money??? If there so kindly provide me complete information and terms and conditions for using.
  8. It will be really very hard to find an application to download from playstore for Bitcoins many apps and website available are fake. They will give you nothing.
  9. There are many app for video editing but I think best one is viva video editor it has serious of filters and other editing options as well.
  10. Samsung s 10 is best for gaming application. It has best pixels resolution but its price is relatively high. Vivo has comparatively low price.
  11. Anifa345

    Android game

    There many Android gaming application. Such as treasurer hunt etc there are fighting games app also .PuBg is best one.
  12. I don't have seen this kind of kinda app in my country. Is this Available for all the users worldwide? And what are method for using it? I really wanna try.
  13. This is absurd way of advertising your app . Many app trap people like this i also have tried app of this type but at end didn't receive gifts etc.
  14. There are many ways of earning money online. Youbit is best app for this purpose . You can also earn money using Facebook YouTube and tiktok etc.
  15. This app is basically design to facilitate the people using bitcoin. It makes easier transactions and help the user paying using bitcoin.
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