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  1. After looking at the market what should we do now please can someone help to know about this situation please help
  2. The simplest way for me to make a profit is by trading one that can take the initiative proactively from trading different currencies.
  3. Yes that has been my plan since I started with Crypto. Got some Bitcoins in the early days and they are on ice until the price is over $200k . At that point I dont need to work ever again.
  4. Yes, the first coin appeared in altcoin "Namecoin" and did not take much until other currencies such as "Litecoin" appeared
  5. Yes I additionally skilled this. And it's been 3 time for me this happened. It looks like they are in a system of repairs or updates.
  6. Trading bot is no more than concord ye look after not maintain time, if not I near address you conduct study, act deficient
  7. banks will probably adopt blockchain systems because as many countries continue to adopt cryptocurrency
  8. think with the upgrade witnessed in monero am sure the mining business is now made more easier to miners and they should engage in it to make an earning from it
  9. heard about this game and started playing it but I found out it is very hard to do anything, at least at the beginning without investing some money into it
  10. Crypto Custodians are third parties who provide crypto storage services, and areresponsible for securing the client's crypto.
  11. This is huge indeed all that money as a debt is way to much, and for Bitcoin at $1.12m will also be a huge success in the industries of crypto
  12. Yes, I settle with you. that in this crypto humanity we can share experience and facts and we are paid per day in our posts. isn't that an simple thing.
  13. Between btc and gold i will prefer Bitcoin. I will choose the btc.Because it is one of the valuable and digital coin in coming years.It will be more expensive than now.
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