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  1. we has a site for crypto currency transactions for crypto users, so the money will right detraction into our wallet through the exchange.
  2. if you looked at the market you will see a lot of prices for each coin in a hour, so let's follow the prices and leave the predictions to some other times i think the "Cryptocurrency Phase" that you was stating is the phases of cryptocurrency advancement.
  3. My claims maybe in too small amounts but the fact that I wss able to claim them and see them in my crypto wallet,, wow such a highest achievement already.somehow earn very much and all others few, but that depends on the concrete person and the level of the risk.
  4. I loss may job crypto tarding is only hope for me.i do trade mostly in xrp litcoin tron anf some any coins, I can different position my own life with the currency in the future because the future of these coins is bright.
  5. It's a really best way for earning bitcoins and other coins.there are very hardware miners who help to do a successful transaction and by doing this they keep a reward .
  6. I spend many of the time in posting here in cryptotalk because I can earn here while learning some new information.cryptotalk only discuss all information cryptocurrency and YouTube and other social media.
  7. where by USD are the more and mor used currency in the world so that's means USD is better than bitcoin, but the current decline has made everything change.the coins and also the volume of Btc is the best in the market
  8. you will be able to earn better with these assets if you get your original assets, thus you may have to continue.So you can be questioned all information your earnings. In mu country i am not earning as well to compete requirements of taxable income.
  9. Yes this is the beauty of crypto in the world you crypto transaction cannot trace able by name and it is best for security. When i know all us the crypto currency for the first time, i loved it because it's anonymous.
  10. this type of campaign really appreciated give the chances to learn the crypto currency present every people want,The role of these two sites has been able to keep more and more of them on the same platform, and everyone can earn money for free through the Cryptotalk forum.
  11. Blockchain have many advancement than a usual online banking. Blockchain technology is changing in the world, many people are joining cryptocurrencies,It's already real, see what happens to the world!
  12. The coins and also the volume of Btc is the highest in the market but the current decline has made about all change. It is the bestest exchanging system ever.
  13. Governments and central banks appreciate the strong suit of within the financial system and do not desire to lag behind.That's for sure. Maybe they can invest it only in their trading system.
  14. i have many faced such problems my posts was also deleted, If you can fix this work exactly the way you want it to work. Though the problem has solve now.
  15. You can calculate how much your salary every one hour. Then the compare it with reward from cryptocurrency.I would has been saved my earnings and invest it to start my own small solar mining farm at the home.
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