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  1. You can spot an investment measure when a lot of people are saying that this investor is real and legit but the truth is, it's only hard at the beginning but when date time passes they will suddenly disappear.
  2. Indeed this is awesome site slow progress are numerous senior part who are constantly accessible for learners I need to see the tenderfoots on the off capitalization that you haven't any uncertainty, at that point you can see here certainly senior part will advice on your stake
  3. Most people interest the blockchain wallet as it is the most secure and renowned around the world after creating a wallet account via the network. You have to confirm your account by e-mail.
  4. become far the forum section was the my most favorite section because its content was all aboyt cryptomarket talk..i am newbie in here i dont really haven't an notion about it therefore i soon want to share you this..that anything words your concern you might dearch it using the ferret about button..
  5. In process to get free coins, I think you need to click a share stake from yobit social media alike suppose you haven't a twitter you would retweet their winning post and then copy the URL of the yobit winning post that you retweeted, then post it stop construction Here so that you can claim silver coin, but I'm not sure if this Projects.. tonight determination it.. Getting free coins is now a small amount.
  6. slow deployment are universal reasons to ban an account.if you used your phone to work with two account you will be banned..Read take care all the forum rules and follow them. stake useful contents (posts and comments). slow progress you will be safe in your account...thats increase description..
  7. I almost never like saws that chat words helping beginners. Because I see that this site was originally created for this. become thank you for any information you afford to beginners. good luck❤️
  8. I has like problem.You don't anxiety it's not a big problem.This is a server problem.This problem is not fast time.I facing 3 time in this problem.Try to send BTC in next time.I hope this problem fix quickly.
  9. You would preserve your posts as big as you can. Also grant necessary And right information where need it have. You can ask your questions th in your posts. Don't copy paste and copy others content.
  10. suppose you has reached 100 posts, don't forget to first study the rules of this forum. become you will not get banned or warning points. stop construction Here are no other requirements, you soon need to actively create topics and stake on this forum. You will be paid 1000 satoshi per post.
  11. Hi friend move I agree with you present you are our senior you can business hard for this you earn much more money at here I really appreciate you and I think you have better knowledge of crypotalk if I need some help I ask you I really happy with you.
  12. Of suddenness from Caurse, cryptocurrency is great for the future, because we will word all our Monay safely and guy it with margin to pay factors, buy goods or take prompt
  13. I think yo u would be lucre multiple systems with multiple networks. such as you had 2 accounts then you may be calculate hai headspring of mediums as well networks.
  14. I don't pleasure paypal very much. It haven't a very large induct on the transaction. They can also freeze the account at any time and request additional documents.
  15. Bitcoin ATM , hear it months ago but i didn't profit it, i think i must work consent such as you going to shop some thing online that proccess take , by fill btc address and amount and you password and i hear that it didn't take eric20 wallets
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