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  1. I personally say yes, some currencies require almost no fees, I once did a Litecoin Cash Transfer for LCC and it was absolutely nothing, if you avoid major currencies like Bitcoin in particular, because of the algorithm you use, all other currencies are fairly cheap What, I usually use LTC for any transfer.
  2. Personally, I think it will not be easy, perhaps more than 100,000 dollars for an exchange that may still be less, and security must be maintained so that clients ’funds are safe.
  3. Personally, I think the answer to the question was not mentioned clearly, but if you use separate devices such as a separate computer or a mobile device on the same WiFi network, there will be no problem, but you cannot do this using the same PC or laptop.
  4. I personally tell you what Airdrop is needed then, it will have no benefit for those who want to claim a downturn even as investors are using to flood the market.
  5. Personally, I tell you, see first that all beginners will not understand that what is the cryptocurrency and it will take some time to understand it first, and I will tell the beginners to search for the cryptocurrency what it is and how it works.
  6. Personally, I see that this is a good thing about throwing air these days, and we are really working towards it. Thanks for everything and also for your love to share.
  7. I personally tell you you will get paid for both, be careful in choosing topics to share because once the topic is deleted due to no use and irrational, your comments will also be deducted from your accounts and payments, be sure to post only useful topics.
  8. Personally, I think Nigeria and South Africa use most of the bitcoin currency and they complete transactions using cryptocurrency, I think Nigeria and South Africa are the largest users in the world.
  9. Personally, I do not think this will affect your account, as long as you do not use the same device, speech encryption only prohibits or cancels your account if you open a multiple account using a device with the same IP address.
  10. Personally, I tell you to make sure that you comment on this matter that you know clearly, do not make any comment unrelated to the topic, do not make a grammatical error, do not promote any page in the post / comment box, most importantly do not copy the post of others, then you will be Completely prohibited.
  11. I personally say yes, you can benefit from arbitrage trading and some profits can be achieved through this strategy. Please note that your profits will be reduced due to withdrawal fees. What distinguishes me is that you need a huge balance of coins to benefit from this strategy.
  12. I personally say that this is the only forum that pays you the other, then this I have not seen any forums that pay you and it is the legal forum that I have seen in my past five years and works in the currency of encryption this is the wonderful forum.
  13. Personally, I tell you no, you do not need, yobit does not require this type of stock but I think you need it in all cases in order to be safe from an intruder.
  14. I personally think that if we work on Investbox on yobit, we will get something, by the way I have no idea about this, I am interested in knowing this matter, if anyone knows this clearly.
  15. Personally, I say that everyone here can help you with anything you need, but I suggest that you look at yourself. I mean, you can go to the first section of this forum by clicking on it and all installed posts because these posts are the rules of this forum.
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