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  1. Hope if they modernise their system so well, I think they will compete with any currency in the world and it will take the credit the way I perceived, so far for now is so far so good
  2. really I am very optimistic that crypto currency will replace the capital market the way I perceived how is boosting and people are massively join the platform so it has a very very nice bright future
  3. Musaibb

    Crypto Asia

    Very nice and polite question but I can't say anything about this because I'm not current sow let me keep silent and hear from the audience
  4. So my question to you brother why do you want to convince people to leave the crypto? you can easily convince them when you tell them the reason
  5. Fortunately I can't say anything on this question but I will wait and hear from the audience so that I will have my experience through them. So hopefully the nature of the business will be sweet and profitable one
  6. This question will make person sick! How can I quite my job because crypto, something that has no guarantee, Please anyone having that intention in mind please he or she should quickly change it because it's not a way forward
  7. How make useful comments, is only when you the costume of the platform, try reach who have the experience, I think by trying to relate with them that will make very conversant and probably it be very common for you
  8. Nice question! Answer to your question I think if that will be possible with while having account with them and google account as well
  9. Yes Yobit is doing great! But think the free amount they gave is interest rate of return for you guys but congrats once again
  10. If you have that intention of growing in cryptotalk, my advice for you will not extend to say try to adopt a strategy that may lead you that
  11. Learn and earn forever! The word is very touching, I'm a beginner I also want to earn forever, and with your advice hopefully I will earn more eve it won't be forever. Thank you
  12. First and foremost you are welcome to crypto world, my contribution for is, you should kindly go to their guidelines it will help you a lot. Thank you
  13. Thank you so much for having this idea of asking such nice question, because I impacted a lot through the answers
  14. The forum with people like admin and moderators commenting will be very attractive and not even there is an offense for them to kept silence
  15. It is good to conduct a market survey of the sites moreover the small amount of money is always required a short-term Project
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