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  1. I'm confuses how much is worth 1 bitcoin how much do I have to invest to become rich I have alot I'd ideas I want to get into real estate but I dont have the money I been thinking about stocks.Be coming rich from Bitcoins it will require you to get the knowledge of how to do trade and investment and focus on it for some years and be sure you will earn and become rich
  2. I am a beginner of this crytotalk forum, i heard it if i comment here i can earn easily but how to cash out my income in Bangladesh? Can anyone help me?
  3. this platform also we earns lots of money from cryptotalk. To earn bitcoins, we have to post firstly 100 free posts then for every 30 comments or posts were get paid for every day. But your comments should be eligible to campaign to get counted. If your comments gets no count then you can post more comments to make your 30 posts of day.
  4. we are becoming more digital, so with crypto currency it becomes more convenient, transactions, payments or money transfers all over the world are becoming paperless, and with the help of cryptos, new possibilities of opportunity are just waiting. I claim everyday the whole day. My claims are maybe too small amounts but the fact that I was able to claim them and see them in my crypto wallet, wow such a big achievement already. I have taken the initiative to change my life, maybe change my life cryptocurrency.
  5. I just joined crypto world few months ago it is profitable therefore I love it. And it gives more benefits. When I was not in crypto world I didn't get that profit which I deserved. But now It is good. I love it.The popularity of these digital currencies will continue to flourish, as people like to go along with development and modern technology and developers are ready to overcome any obstacle that may be presented to them.
  6. the existence of Bitcoin depends on its adopters and investors.If people are still active in promoting,doing projects,developing a team for cryptocurrency Bitcoin will live longer.itcoin will lead all of them. Normal people can use bitcoin easily in future. Blockchain service will be more improved.
  7. we can take that money through banking or take it anyway .The way people transfer money through crypto currency is that we have a site for crypto currency transactions for crypto users, so the money will flow right into our wallet through the exchange.
  8. i mean we all are crypto earners right we all wont to earn bitcoins right, but if the price of bitcoin increases you all know we can't earn it for free. faucets and paid to click sites and other free ways to earn bitcoin will be difficult and the minimum amount of faucet to clam will be sooo low and it will be hard to rich the minimum withdrawal.
  9. i also have good interest in crypto. It is the future currency of world. If you work wisely in crypto then you can earn more than anyone else. Also you can earn freely from cloud mining sites. I have been passionate about the world of crypto for several years now, I honestly can't even tell you how I approached it but I can assure you that it was love at first sight. I believe in projects that are carried out because the technology behind it is really crazy and sooner or later the moment of mass adoption will come, I'm sure, obviously the economic aspect interests me too,
  10. Digital technology helps change one's life and the presence of Bitcoin has shown a new era in this advanced technology world. Today many people are familiar with Bitcoin, although only a few countries accept it. We need to know that Bitcoin is an electronic money
  11. many people are now using cryptocurrencies and the demand of it will be high and it will affected the price of bitcoin.You know that every person want to work with crypto currency and wants to earn more crypto currency. Crypto is popular for higher volatility and everyone wants to work with it. They think that if everything goes well they will get rich in others. Crypto is popular for high income prospects. Crypto can increase people's greed. Because since the introduction of crypto, people's expectations have risen.
  12. You can find good projects by listening to the advice of experts or the advice of friends, or the advice of someone who has invested in a successful project. However, it will be easy if you are friends and relatives. In addition, you also have to learn knowledge, track the history of the project.
  13. I like so much bitcoin. In bitcoin i can get more that profit and more trustable than gold. Bitcoin is the best currency. But the gold is not. Gold price increasing so slowly.The persons who have a knowledge about the crypto world, they knew that the bitcoin has more value than gold, but the person who don't have knowledge about crypto world they don't have any idea about the value of Bitcoin
  14. I will also love cryptocurrency if the crypto starts to pay us a minimum amount always whether they losses or not cause if they do so we won't needed to do any other workss we will be able to work for them for a whole. it is the best from all other which are circulating nowadays but they demand the investment as also are not trustable .cryptocurrency has taught me to earn some money, I can change my own life with the currency in the future because the future of these coins is bright, I have taken the initiative to change my life,
  15. It is good in terms of having an extra income while studying. It can be their source to get money for their school fees or something like projects, homeworks, and so. Being a student is hard especially of you do not have enough money to sustain your student life.I know some students that both attend their classes and are active on crypto world. They trade only on their spare times and spend the money they earn to buy educational tools. This way they can help their parents to pay less for their education. If someone is really interested in crypto, it is best for him/her to study in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
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