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  1. Yes why not centralized coins can perform better than some decentralized coins which we see in several exchanges
  2. Which means that we can easily make money online from yobit
  3. Yobit exchange is mandatory for getting payment of this forum without this reason yobit is fast secure and trusted exchange site for why I am using this
  4. Because if bitcoin will be more popular then they will improve more and will be truted even more
  5. They know the risk business sector have bad day even they joined this game so this is under crypto names
  6. Constantly either the release date or something else cha6to the ICO first of all time plays a big role for cryptocurrency in6
  7. Yap this is a good website this is a bounty hunting website this is a good market place
  8. Sorry, i don’t be knowledgeable about about this.when i recognize about this i will idea here. I wanna to recognize about this.plz bestow me particular days.thank you
  9. By giving a strong and unique password and give a 2 step login security in your yobit account don't click in any unknown link that you don't have idea
  10. Ofcourse who not want but the thing is only few countries placed bitcoins atm in their country the highest number in us
  11. The future of cryptocurrencies is probably bright but it is hard to say at this point... In a few years we will probably know ..
  12. Yes because some other banks are not happy about the votality of cryptocurrency
  13. I am here for more investing infos. As I'm a beginner here so I don't have a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrency. But certainly we all should have much knowledge about crypto
  14. I dont really follow any crypto youtuber, as most of them are just shilling the coins they like, actually I always keep myself away from these people
  15. is their any institute or college that can grow knowledge about bitcoin? or any other way to get clean knowledge
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