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  1. Yes, off course i am expecting that . I am eagerly expecting that cryptocurrency new project. It will be grand and very helpful for us and also for the Forum. It is good and it is very helpful. I like it. I would love to do this new project.
  2. I think it doesn’t mean that etherum Don't want grow.... Please, think positive and outside of the box wisely. I am hopeful about that. And i think they want to grow and they will do it in near future. If they will work hard, they can get succes, it depends on them.
  3. I think Scamming is bad thing. And scammers are bad human being. They are not obey or maintain any rules. They think they are independent. In my opinion, telegram scammers are also doing bad job which shouldn’t do.
  4. Wow, it is really amazing wallet. Thanks for share with us. I am glad to heard about this. You can earn daily interest on your balance. You should just comment with maitain the rules.
  5. Tawhid20

    Yobit wallet

    Yobit wallet is safer than any other wallet. It is good to use... And every user have to use it. I like it. Because yobit wallet is vey helpful and useful wallet.
  6. I expect a lot of things from cryptotalk, after 10 years. Like i hope that the futureof cryptotalk will be very good and promising. That'swhy i said that.
  7. Airdrop is an important things. And we can benifit from him. Ei typer kotha bulsis.
  8. Transfer bitcoin to profit-- is very important process and also it is easy and smooth way.. Now the main team depends.
  9. You can say that. Bit in my opinion i Don't want to say like that kind of anythings in near future....
  10. May be some crypto casino site that gives welcome bonus.Here were so much casino... But now the price of them is very high.... That's why i said it.
  11. We use a lot of app location. We should follow the rules... Oi khati khafe hey na...
  12. This is very good comparision. This is very important... And i am awaiting for this... but Allah Vorosha.
  13. This is very good comparison... Fiat money and cryptocurrency works on nuru jamle weekend thke pore jante kmsilam.
  14. I think it is uncountable, there are a lot of here. bItcoin will created by creator. That's why i wamt to say that there are many.
  15. I think its totally different. I don’t think so ... But if you want to think about crypto currency wgoing illegal world.
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