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  1. At first i want do a bussness . But bitcoin currency system is more complecated.
  2. If you copy from other post, it will not be counted.
  3. I think discord is more usefull. Although both are same apps for gaming but huge number of peaople of the world know about discoed. They use it not only for gaming but also for thair video and voice chat.
  4. First you have know about this currency system, then you will diside by yourselves. If you think that it is very usefull for you then you can invest your money. You also can talk to others, who can understand this topic.
  5. I will do nothing, eveything is depanding on luck. If it stop, i will also stop.
  6. I like it, but it is very complecated.
  7. By black site you can earn present bit coin is more valuable then money. Oneday people don't use money expect bit coin. They will buy their product by bitcoin. But some country are very strange, they baned this currency system.
  8. I was wasting time by playing other games. But those game was just westing my time. When i know about this system, i just trying to speeding my type speed and beside earning money for myself. I like this website most.
  9. If you are hard working man, and if you have enough time, you can join this site.... And earning by coment...discuss about a tolic,,,and write about this topic, what you know about is, if you know., talk about this topic. Try to say in your own language. Coping other is like stoling others experienc. So write and earn.
  10. Bit coin is lord of all currency. We fell safe by using bit coin. Without it, the dark world is more dark. They their work by using bit coin. So, some people want to satisfied by it. But, it alsto destroying the currency system of country. The coin is made by metal, is poor behind bit coin.
  11. The original habit of mankind to win the defeat. They do not want to accept the defeat. However, the lazy defeat is equal to the lazy. Lazy unnecessary time is destroyed. They do not want to use the time. The appropriate use of time can improve life. Only the ones they can improve in life. They are winning. Time and win the complement of each other.
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